Peshmerga vs. the Islamic State: The Road to Mosul (Full Length)

A year after the Islamic State’s lightning conquest of Iraq’s second-largest city of Mosul, the poorly-trained and equipped Kurdish peshmerga forces are the international coalition’s only reliable boots on the ground in northern Iraq.

The Pentagon’s hopes of recapturing the city by spring 2015 have been dashed by the military failures of the Iraqi Army further south, leaving the peshmerga to defend a 600-mile long frontline almost encircling Mosul, fending off constant Islamic State (IS) assaults with insufficient supplies of ammunition and modern weapons.

For one month, VICE News embedded with the peshmerga fighters on the Mosul frontline, gaining an insight into the coalition’s faltering war against IS through the eyes of the Kurdish volunteers bearing the brunt of the fighting.

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38 thoughts on “Peshmerga vs. the Islamic State: The Road to Mosul (Full Length)

  1. The Kurds have been our most reliable ally against Isis in Iraq and Syria. Trump thanks them for the thousands of lives they’ve lost by giving Turkey a green light to continue they’re dirty attacks on the Kurds. Openly allowing Isis fighters through their border into Syria, openly bombing Kurds fighting Isis, secretly sending in food and supplies to Isis fighters in return for oil taken from occupied Syrian oil cities, and on and on. Turkey is playing both sides and doesn’t deserve to be part of NATO when Erdogan is that dirty and has so much blood on his hands. Long live the brave Kurds for fighting the worlds war against Isis.

  2. I think the whole kidnapping yazidis thing was only because the ugly, smelly, gigantic headed bastards knew the chances of finding anyone willing was pretty slim. Like Victoria Beckham slim

  3. it is so lovely to see how much these people care about their history by destroying all of THEIR SITES OF ANTIQUITY… who knows how many ancient monolith or sites have been completely destroyed that we will never ever, even try to erect or recreate because of their complete destruction.. im not even some nerdy scientist or historian and i see how dumb and permanent this is… even the foreign fighters coming in to fight each other, these are Muslim/Islamic sites and artifacts showing how much their ancestors/people contributed to the world history and some of the best knowledge and technologies of the ages.. way to go.. stamp your people or history out of existence even more so you have even less to cling to… i dont know why one of the things all sides dont agree on is for everyone to do their best to stay away from these sites and not to destroy them….. if anything i thought all the Muslim peoples around the world, would consider themselves without being elected or told. that they are the great protectors of their history and would defend it against any destruction… thats what you would think right??? leave it to the infidel to care about your history more than yourselves…. what a shame and disgrace….

  4. Sooooooo many thoughts like seeing that "sex slave day" video, wow creepy af
    when all is said n done (inshallah) i really hope that the Kurds fianlly get international recognition their own country they certainly deserve it

  5. I reckon America deliberately arrested Arabs during and after the Iraq war brain washed them than released them knowing that with their back ground as Saddam military they would create a extremist Islamic anti America armed forces giving America reasons to finally commence the end of their plans in the Middle East invading Lydia Syria Lebanon and finally Iran

  6. Lul @ VICE.

    You and your masters in the US gov had such high hopes for your propaganda coverage of this conflict! And now look, all the terrorists that you supported have failed.

  7. Idk how many times I 've seen this doc, but one thing that is true of the Peshmerga is that even though their actions are brave in trying to defend their land from Isis, they literally don't have the most basic of military strategy or tactics covered. They constantly whine about the need for more ammo and explosives as well as vehicles and vests, yet they blindly fire their weapons into the air and don't use targeting data or range meters for the mortars. Any true leader of any kind of military group or squad would understand the need for conservation of vital resources amid the scarcity of support from an HQ or command base. I get that their just regular people who are trying their best to make do but goddamn son, save your ammo, pick your shots, and strike when you deem it worthy. Just my 2 cents in.

  8. يقولون أن الأكراد ليس لديهم بلد. لكن أولئك الذين لديهم ، لا يستطيعون الحصول على السلام والوظائف ، وحتى الماء النظيف للشرب

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