Exclusive Interview with ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Cartoonist Luz

In an exclusive interview, VICE News meets Luz, the surviving Charlie Hebdo cartoonist behind the magazine’s controversial Prophet Muhammad covers.

Speaking with us in his sniper-proof Paris apartment, Luz describes the scene he witnessed after gunmen attacked the magazine’s offices, explains the ideas behind the magazine’s latest cover, and addresses the mixed reactions it has sparked. He also discusses how things can quickly spiral out of control when breaking taboos in the internet age, and offers his surreal sense of becoming an unwitting icon of free expression.

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25 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Cartoonist Luz

  1. yes if you say bad thing about our religion thats the only thing going to happen so mind your own work if you have freedom of speech so we have freedom of giving counter speech and revenge

  2. The way to stop evil ? Get down on your knees and in the quiet of your home unite with your family and Pray The Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin, Mary. That is a powerful weapon devised by God and given to men through Saint Dominic who received it from The Blessed Mother. Empty Catholic Churches prolong your misery, insure the False Prophet spreads more death, something he has done for 1400 years around the earth. Do you really want more of that ?

  3. There is a true religion of the God who loved everything into existence, it is Christianity. Islam is the religion of Death, which has always been the goal of evil, the evil one, the father of lies, the religion of satan.. When France, Germany, The UK, and the rest of Europe embraced atheism, and emptied the churches built for the worship of the God who sent His beloved son to die on a cross to save His beloved children from their vile sins, they swung open the gates of hell and in poured the armies of allah and the religion of death. As The Holy Bible warned you, "you shall reap what you sow". Nature hates a vacuum. The nations of Europe turned away from God, they did the will of evil, and that is what they reap.

  4. Rubish MERDA Non sono terrorista sono cristiano ed amo la Bibbia, ma dico che siete voi che avete scatenato la rabbia degli islamici li avete provocati ci avete rovinato meritate la morte……………….

  5. ya juste a descendre a barbes pour comprendre que Val's c EST foutu de VOS gueules et dire qu il contrait bigard et autre Dan's des emissions du 11 sept c chellou Tous ca

  6. he said humor does not kill any one , so tell me what killed your friend at the dy of the attack , because of jokes he made about the prophet , i wish they shoot you that day

  7. You mock people but the line has to be drawn somewhere. When you try to insult our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him), don't expect we will throw flowers on you but expect bullets and daggers. Yes.

  8. The case of the attack on the Charlie Hibado..
    I know that many of you will accuse Muslims of this crime.
    Let me tell you what happened and how the guilt was established on the Muslims.
    In order to criminalize a people, you must use the brains of terror and the only people have that mind is( Freemasonry ،Zionists،liberals and religious fanatics)
    Before you start the plan you need to find the victim no matter how many.
    The plan… Attack the building with real weapon… Then use a weapon with sound bullets.
    The victims of terrorism have been equipped with film devices. People think they were injured and the blood spilled.
    The terrorists speak the French dialect wearing masks and say we have avenged our prophet and the funny part they are looking to the person who is filming.
    The funny thing is, a street was free of people.
    Behind the scenes, police cars appeared, police cars were shot and a policeman was killed.
    The terrorists ran away and were followed by other police cars.
    After the chase, the terrorists ' car appears and they were killed. And the funny thing is that ID cards were in the car and the story is over.

    My question
    If you are a thief or a terrorist or whatever… Why do you have take the ID card with you?

    In fact after this counterfeit disaster of the French government against the two people who were used as a scapegoat its remind me later with that guy (omar) who been killed by united States police after he was convicted of killing more than 100 gay by using a rifle.
    Actucly omar was dead before this happened.. United States government use killers to do the jop and they throw it at the end on Muslims.

  9. Too sad this guy wasn't killed also. He is making his living by criticizing other people, he is a racist motherfucker, just like a huge number of French citizens. And no, I'm not a Muslim, I'm European, born and raised here. Those terrorist should have killed the entire building

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