Life Under Israel’s Iron Dome: Rockets and Revenge (Dispatch 3)

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Hamas and other militant groups have been raining crude rockets into Israel since Operation Protective Edge launched last week — more than 1,000 at last count. Thanks to the Israeli missile defense system known as Iron Dome, few have struck targets and there has been one confirmed Israeli casualty.

But the threat of rockets remains terrifying for people across Israel, especially in the country’s south, which takes the brunt of the barrage. VICE News brings you there to get a feel for life under constant attack.

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26 thoughts on “Life Under Israel’s Iron Dome: Rockets and Revenge (Dispatch 3)

  1. You can't get them all maybe if you did not occupy there country they would not be firing rockets your own fault what do you expect from the west bank go home to Europe

  2. Isreal uses internationally prohihited chemical weapons to kill palestine civilians. And over the course of past years, we have seen many attacks on palestine people, many brutal attacks. I dont say i am on side of palestine or any side at all. But, is it sign of developed country, that israel claims itself to be ?

  3. u cant invade other land today.the days left when u take austrailia and kill aboriginals,inavade america and make it a white country.but here are Muslims u cant take land so easy

  4. Darn the Israelis life of luxury and they act 1 Israeli life is equal to 5,000 goyim lives. I careless where the Israelis getting all these unbelievable subsidies but where will they go and how will they live after the American funding dries out or there isn’t enough money to finance the Israeli occupation, maybe they’ll trick the next superpower into funding their addiction and luxury lives?

  5. Israelis are nothing but clowns. Their success rate to shoot down the homemade missles from gaza is 35% and its a fact!. They keep bragging they have the best millitary but they are nothing but a loosers millitary

  6. israel and gaza… two retards arguing about the same kind of stupidity… like usa and russia… india and pakistan… turks and kurds… bla bla human kinds from its most stupid side

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