Reporter’s Confrontation at Ukrainian Checkpoint: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

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In dispatch six, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky travels to the Kherson region of mainland Ukraine to both the Ukrainian and Russian checkpoints. At the Ukrainian checkpoint, Simon goes inside one of their tanks, and speaks to the commander, who says that despite his Russian blood he will defend all invaders. But at the Russian checkpoint, the exchange isn’t quite as cordial.

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21 thoughts on “Reporter’s Confrontation at Ukrainian Checkpoint: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

  1. I thought they were russians but those were berkut service men and they are ukrainians, they are just as simon said have been reinstated by the russians and are guarding that checkpoint, now i have no idea how people perceive this as russian service men cause clearly simon stated himself that those men in the blue uniforms were berkut. People here in the comment section seemed like poor listeners leaving out the details like that just because they want to see the russians as the bad guys.

  2. I think recording front line positions is completely wrong. It may be Russian end or Ukrainian end it is wrong. No commander likes to reveal their position or broadcast in internet in a tense situation like this. Im surprised by action of Ukrainian commander allowing record their assets right on the front line. Its irresponsible.

  3. How can you trust this shmak Ostrovsky? He's just Iuda whos getting paid for the lies he spreads. Poroshenko pays good cash to bitches like Simon. He is a Ukrainian "white helmet".

  4. You got busted by the russians because they knew who you are… It is the same if you were pushing the Russian point of view and tried to get to Ukraine, you would get busted the same way. Sorry about that!

  5. We the u.s and nato wouldn't be able to deploy troops and fight against Russian troops .However we could deploy against the pro Russian rebels .Technically it wouldn't be an act of war against Russia ..

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