After the Flood: Mines and Mass Graves in Bosnia

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In May, massive floods in Bosnia unearthed previously undiscovered mass graves from the 1992-95 Balkan conflict. The waters also moved potentially thousands of landmines from known locations to… well, nobody knows for sure.

VICE News traveled to northern Bosnia to tag along with the team in charge of de-mining the countryside, and met residents still reeling from the horrors of war.

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36 thoughts on “After the Flood: Mines and Mass Graves in Bosnia

  1. It's nice to see the Yugoslav war is still ongoing in the comments section, I wonder what would have happened without any kind of international intervention? They'd have all probably kept killing each other over and over again till there was no one left.

  2. Hello, my name is David. I reside in Vermont, the 14th State of the United States. I have always been interested in the events of post Cold War Europe. I was never taught much about this conflict in school. It was referred to once in a high school social studies course, but that's pretty much it. I have seen a lot of Bosnia accounts of the War, but not much Serbian accounts or perspectives. I was hoping that some Serbian residents could respond to their side of events. I would like to understand how tensions between the Bosnians the Serbian became so heated. I would also like to learn more about Ratko Mladic and other individuals who may or may not be guilty of crimes against humanity. I understand that my inquiry might not be popular due to my nationality. I do recognize the U.S. and NATO are responsible for the 1999 bombardment of Serbia. Looking back, I would conquer that the bombing was excessive and most certainly did result civilians loses. I hope that you will accept my inquiry. I recognize that, as an American, I am prone to possess a western basis. However, as a student of history, I need to place basis aside and be willing to hear both sides of the story. I will patiently await your responses, if you choose to do so.

  3. The Bosnian people find the bones and do not carry on the analysis but they say that they are victims of war because of Serbs like Serbs did not die in the war and the Bosnians did not kill only Serbs have war criminals no one looks at the event in Sarajevo when Bosnian snipers were chasing Bosnian civilians to blame serbs for crime Albanians claim that Serbs are evil balkans and enter the Bosnian and Croats to destroy the Serbs does not tell how the Albanians in Kosovo are evil who kill Serbian people and kill livestock change Serbs names in Albanian arrests for no reason Albanians are evil….

  4. I lost so many family members that each day i prey that the Australian Federal Pathologist and other specialist can help solve this DNA issues, its a lot better now finding remains and ID from them from just DNA, to the point you can know its you brother, sister or family member who died and was put in a pit, those serbian forces responsible need to pay for what they did in bosnia and also elsewhere? God bless them all and i wish that the US and other countries realize how bad it was, when clinton was president he seen the news footage c9ming out from there and yet did nothing, why not send in the SEALS and SAS, SAS to go in a sniper the leaders from the mountains just when the news was coming out about the camps, its would have not got anything as bad as it was ?

  5. Only people with an IQ lower than a room temperature believe Serbs are the bad guys. Serbs did bad things, but Bosniaks did bad things too. Did you ever hear about Naser Oric? Google him before you blame the Serbs. Just do.

  6. serbian mentality is to be superior to everyone else, they feel like they are the truthful rulers of balkans and that's the main reason why they opress the rest of us. Serbians always use the excuse of what Croatia did in WW2 that was a long time ago in an era polutted by hate and fascism, not the 1990s where communism has fallen and democracies risen with care for human life. What croatia did 50 years ago dosent justify the actions the Serbian police and military did during all the was brutal warcrimes slaugthering men, woman infants and old people

  7. Pretty sub-par translations to be honest..


    He says that they were taken onto the bridge and there are no longer any traces of them. VICE simply writes in the subtitles that they were killed. If he said that they were killed, how would the next thing he says make any sense? He'd know that they were killed.

    Is it really that difficult for VICE News to find someone that speaks the language? Hell, I'll do it for free.

  8. Nothing quite as odd as watching these rich kids trying to be journalists. Far from fact gathering close to leftist spinning tops. Call yourselves what you are.. Communists.

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