Joe Rogan Experience #1163 – Banachek

Banachek is a mentalist, professional magician, and “thought reader.” He performs as an entertainer and tours internationally.

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  1. Time to debunk a really lazy magician..
    Trick #1 the nail… the nail is of course already bent, but the bend is angled towards him. He is not twisting the nail like Joe said, but rather vibrating his hand with a gentle grip on the nail, which allows it to rotate under its own weight as the COG of the nail is not perpendicular to the where it is being held. The COG forces the top of the bent nail to be directly below the point where it is being held, and the vibrating changes in grip allows the nail to slowly rotate.
    Trick #2 "point to a fork- do you want to take that one or another one" – obviously hes taking the one he just pointed to
    Joe then asks can I have that fork instead and of course gets a no, he then bends the little part of the fork while its in his hand.. and while shaking it you can clearly see it was already bent. This time he is shaking it while rotating the top of the fork towards Joe, which changes his ability to view the bend, straight on there would be no evidence of a bend if holding it correctly.
    Trick #3 and im just getting bored this guy is a joke. The fork is pre bent many many times until the metal is so soft at the point of the bend it is nearly ready to break.. practice this a few hundred times and you will know almost exactly when it is near breaking point.. he brings it out and flex's it a bit and then breaks it from more flexing..
    Trick #4 FINALLY a decent slight of hand.. but let me explain it.. he is holding his fingers in such a way that while he is shaking his hand the fork is impacting his fingers in such a way to cause rotation. In greater depth he is holding his thump and index finger with a gap between them and the fork. As he shakes the fork forwards it is impacting his index finger on the left side, which causes the fork to rotate clockwise(rolling force). He then shakes it back towards him and the fork impacts his thumb with the right side causing it to rotate clockwise. Smart but incredibly easy to do with zero training. grab a screw driver and use your pinkey finger pressed against your palm to create a place for the screw driver to stand on, your thump and index finger are used to stop it from toppling over and to rotate while shaking.
    Trick #5 again back to being lazy.. his hands under the table as hes commenting on Joes poor word choice, its not hard to write a 4 letter word without looking .. he slight of hands this paper into his lazy and shit
    AHH i see Joe caught him, ada boy.
    Trick #6 has to be the saddest excuse for a card trick I have ever in my life seen..pause at 6:09 and see the deck, it is a joke…
    "Jamie choose a black card" – "jamie your card is black am i correct?"

  2. So around 20 min in they start talking about paranormal events and sort of leaning on the side of bullshit. Based on my personal experience I would do the same but I am still open minded. The reason why is there are many normal people with nothing to gain who have experienced the paranormal phenomena. I understand that these things could be hallucinations of some sort but when there is evidance of sorts showing that something strange is going on I have to put some stock into the 'maybe something is going on' category. For example there was this little girl on one of the older episodes of Unsolved Mysteries where she was outside playing make believe or so her mother thought and when she came inside she asked her daughter what she was doing. She said she was talking to a man and that the man had a hurt arm and she knew his name. Her mother checked outside and there wasnt anyone there. Later she had a neighbor over something and they were looking at some pictures and the daughter pointed to one of the pictures and said that that was the man that she was talking to and she knew his name and his hand was behind his back because that was the hand that he had injured and he always had his hand for pictures. The lady said that he had been dead for years and she used to live in that house and there was no way for her to know that. I have spoken to many people who have had many crazy experiences with the paranormal. I dont know what is true and real in that regard but I think there is something going on. Perhaps not in the physical world but perhaps in the spiritual world for a lack of a better word. Joe likes to appear that he is open minded about all things but when it comes to certain things he obviously isn't. Even though he endorses DMT and that there is some higher meaning associated with it without any proof. Lastly I would like to say the story of the little girl I was recalling from memory so there might be some small details I left out but you get the general gist also I don't know maybe Joe Rogan was only talking about the stupid staged ghost shows but it seems like he is really calling all paranormal/ psychic or whatever you want to call it bullshit. If that is the case I think there isn't enough evidence to an absolute certainty that this is the case.

  3. If you pause at 1:48:41 and observe, you can see that the nail is already bent, before Banachek even begins to perform the trick. The camera angle is also quite convenient for Banachek. At 1:48:47, you can see a partial shine on the nail, confirming it is already bent. So as the performance begins, it's just a matter of rotating the already bent nail. Well done Banachek πŸ˜‰

  4. Aside from the fact that he IS good at fanning cards to only show you the ones he wants so as to narrow down choices to be solvable in one or two questions, there's two fuckin' spade queens in that deck dude, c'mon. β—”_β—”

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