VICE on HBO Debrief: A Syria of Their Own

Thomas Morton went to war-torn Syria where the Kurdish people are fighting to set up their own autonomous state. This is his Debrief from Season 2 Episode 4 of VICE on HBO.

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43 thoughts on “VICE on HBO Debrief: A Syria of Their Own

  1.  I Been rooting for the Kurds since I learned more about them nearly a year now
    They're the most "Live & Let Live" folks in the Region
    they have Jews in there Ranks & state that "Christians & Kurds will always be friends" though I think there Christian populations less than 10%
     They Despise Sharia Law so Al Qaida & ISIL wants to kill them, they aren't real big on Assad cause he oppresses them. They don't understand why the US doesn't back them more & I think we should too !
    Imma Native Californian, born & Raised Norwegian/Irish/French guy

  2. So many Turkish Nationalist scums in the comment sections. What most of the uneducated people here and out there should understand is that the kurds are people who wan't a nation of their own (which they have right to it) according to historical known facts, and that they are one of the nicest people out there. I mean who doesn't wan't a country where people find secular society very important? where  people of all religions, ethnicities etc could live together without getting discriminated. The problem here that countries like the USA, turkey etc are supporting the jihadi cunts because of their own benifits instead of making this world a better place. I could mumbo jumbo about this topic all day long and still it change shit… It's so sad that the good people have to suffer most. One day these good people will have  country of their own and all of you close minded fools will see the difference between them (kurds) and other countries (iran, turkey etc).

  3. This is what I hate about my country of the U.S.  We support people we know are actual terrorists, yet we don't actually help people who we know are the closest thing to progressive freedom fighters.  Good job America.

  4. Who is left in the west with the balls and dedication to reporting to actually go put their own asses in a war zone and report away for the comfort and lies of media briefing rooms?

    Thomas Morton that's who.


  5. If you hear a bullet whiz then you know it's in your general vicinity. If you hear the bullet make a cracking sound then that means it is close and someone is most likely shooting at you.

  6. The Kurdish people have the right of self-determination!
    They have been the victims of cruel persecution, assimilation and even genocide.
    Mostly broad-minded and western oriented people like the Kurds need our support.

    Freedom for Kurdistan!

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