Chaos In Brazil: On The Ground At The World Cup (Dispatch 1)

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In our first dispatch from the 2014 World Cup, VICE News headed to the initial match of the games to be played in Rio de Janeiro, between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Argentina. As the game began, protesters marched towards the Maracanã stadium and gathered alongside soccer fans. But as the game heated up, so did the protests, and clashes between the police and demonstrators quickly follow.

VICE News was on the scene as one man on the street — allegedly an undercover policeman — accosted reporters, waved a pistol around, and fired several shots.

Scars of Police Brutality in Brazilian Protests Haunt World Cup Kickoff:

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45 thoughts on “Chaos In Brazil: On The Ground At The World Cup (Dispatch 1)

  1. I really don't speak english but I have 14 ears old and i'm brazilian, the brazil don't are like this. No every day in Minas Gerais for exemple are very peaceful (I live in Minas Gerais). so are this bye bye e foda se caralho filho da puta

  2. Hey, NOT Brazilian people, here what you just need to understand:
    If you were poor and your country only offered hospital, security, and education to the rich, and your children didn't have what to eat at night, you can bet your ass you would do ANYTHING to make they survive and be happy and safety.

    That's Brazil problem: 90% poor, 10% rich. But as your countrys don't suffer of this situation… you can't quite understand what we pass through

  3. most of the time they seem to be there to stop the destruction that the are doing. but some are there just to protest the conditions i understand that but man they really need to get a hands on those that are destroying property.

  4. Esses caras do mídia ninja são todos vagabundos e idiotas, bando de acéfalos certamente recebem dinheiro dos comunistas pra prestar esse tipo de desserviço. Porque não vão  a Brasília enfiar essa s câmeras vagabundas na cara dos políticos que mais fodem com o brasileiro, pra isso esses lixos do mídia ninja não tem coragem.

  5. All of this just to keep tourists happy, the important thing is that they buy and buy, that they spend and spend. All of it, of course, being FIFA approved-stuff not even made in Brasil, but in some living hell in Bangladesh or alike.
    And then everyone will leave, the stadiums will be left partially unused, and poverty will rise up again.
    Wow, the progress.

  6. It´s not fifa Who did the worst shit, i't the brasilian government, when brasil was selected, brasilian al where happy and now There are problem, it´s trangers and cops fault, they have a shity government but the street are a bit safer, if a drug dealer kill five guy it´s normal, if a cop hit a guy with a stik, he's a criminal

  7. I don't get it with those protesters. Pissed off as they are, patriotic as they are, why the heck are they destroying their country's infrastructure ? Just like the dumb greeks, spainish, portugeese, americans….self proclaimed anarchist who used the " poor men cause ", " justice and equality for all " to justify their destruction of infrastructure, business and their countries' s international faces. The only message they manage to get across is how dumb they are. Now I agree with people right to protest but this time, I'm not gonna bat an eye when the Brazillian started using tanks to crush those guys

  8. These pepole are retarded lol they hate FIFA but they all run around vandalizing rio when they can just stay home and watch something else then FIFA and these reporters are retarded why you have ar well dip shit some random idiot with a gun fired shots what the fuck else you think here's there for fucking idiots

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