Joe Rogan Experience #600 – Ari Shaffir

Ari Shaffir is a stand-up comedian and hosts his own podcasts “Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank.” He also has a new special premiering on Comedy Central, January 16th, 2015 at 11:59pm called “Ari Shaffir: Paid Regular”

46 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #600 – Ari Shaffir

  1. I can't believe they left those fucking glasses on for as long as they did. I remember those damn things as a kid. wear them for just a few minutes and when you take that shit off, you're basically experiencing color blindness, which lasts until the overlapping shades of blue and red fade away from having burned into your retinas…

  2. The Omen! Damien! I have this massive raven that follows me everywhere. I was sure I ditched him by going to Costco. I look in the rearview and see him straddling my hatchback's wiper blade. He's pecking at the glass. Ground beef is on the inside.

  3. I broke my phone then when I got the replacement it got stolen and just like that I was out of a phone. I told myself I would just save up for another but as time went on I realized I was better without It. Its about a year and a half later and I finally replaced my phone the only difference now is I only pick it up when I am getting a call. A detox can be hard but it will change you.

  4. I worked at Disneyland,… that club they talk about is fucking creepy! So is Walt’s old office… and it’s on crazy lock down… even through the underground tunnels we employees used.

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