Apple CEO Tim Cook: The VICE News Tonight Interview (HBO)

Seven years into his tenure as Apple CEO, Tim Cook remains a popular guy, especially in an Apple store in New York, where he recently waded through a sea of adoring Apple fans pleading for selfies before he sat down with VICE News Tonight for an interview.

This is partly because Cook’s competitors in Silicon Valley have set a low bar. Already under fire for being a tool for voter suppression and misinformation during the 2016 election, Facebook announced Friday that it had discovered the largest security breach in the company’s history, affecting 50 million users.

Cook said that kind of data breach won’t happen at Apple, because the personal data Apple collects stays locked on iPhones, and even Apple can’t access it. “We’re not in the business of building the detailed profile of you,” Cook said. “The way we go into product design, we challenge ourselves to collect as little as possible. And when we have it, we challenge ourselves to encrypt it in the end.”

That has come at a cost to Apple’s business. Apple Music, for example, could build detailed profiles of users and sell that to advertisers, as competitors Spotify, Pandora, and Google Music do. But Cook considers that an affront to the basic promise of the Apple brand. “We don’t read your messages,” he said. “These things, even in our heads, are offensive, right? To think about, these are private communications and intimate conversations that you are having. And so we wouldn’t even think about that.”

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48 thoughts on “Apple CEO Tim Cook: The VICE News Tonight Interview (HBO)

  1. some doesnt look right with his eyes. the blue part is small, and the dark part is bigger. is that how someone with blue eyes look, normally?

  2. Mr. Cook just announced the release of a cucumber-shaped iPhone in honor of the anniversary of the AIDS Quilt unveiling. It will only be available in rainbow graphics……… of course.

  3. All social media (Facebook YouTube) pro liberal Democratic is clearly revealing for the last 2 years and blocking and censoring chained links of conservative views and personalities

  4. ceo not partaking in a major move of censoring BULLSHIT ON THE DENIAL
    he is not being honest he murdered Kashoogi in the embassy
    well not technically but you know what i mean same same
    good thing his staff did not invite Jones back to the compound where
    google keeps the bone saw

  5. I see Morons making fun of the interviewers looks…meanwhile Tim is playing the role of a dumb blonde while simultaneously snatching away your freedoms. “Why did you silence Alex Jones?” Tim: “because I think any REASONABLE person would agree that he should be censored.” Define “REASONABLE” you Neo Nazi Fascist you!!!

  6. I loved this interview. Only problem is, your subject sounds like a, 'crooked politician,' who never, directly, answers the question. Perhaps, next time, leave out nefarious, vague, answers, in the edit process. Focus on accountability (if, that's even possible).

  7. "How would you rate thier literacy, in terms of tech & privacy?"
    A, "challenge?" They never read the fine print! Remember that senator that threw a temper tantrum, over a bills that were to lengthy, and time consuming? Congress will never get it. Once you sign away your rights to privacy, that's it. They're gone.

  8. Terrible company with overpriced, underperforming products. Customers are often nearly as bad, as the company seems to attract the downtown apartment dwelling ANTIFA hipster douche crowd. CEO is without a doubt an awful human being.

  9. Tim Cook is trying to censor free speech he needs to be arrested and charged with violating people's rights. Period. They sell, collect information and data. This should be illegal and these "providers" on the I'net need to be severely restricted from sharing info or limiting free speech. He and Apple are NOT the arbiters of hate, divisive, racism, whatever. You shouldn't violate the law and hate on other people but if your criticism is true or just negative according to them that is NOT hateful. It is an opinion. Imagine if England had said to us that we as Americans could not speak with each other because Americans were revolutionaries and therefore hated, the King. BTW – Limiting freedom in China violates every principal of democracy and Apple shouldn't even be doing business with China. China is a communist country. No Tim we DO NOT WANT APPLE to "review," as in censor, other folks opinions as long as they aren't advocating violence toward others and/or breaking the law. That IS NOT your place at all. What would happen if the telephone company monitored our conversations and then decided what they would allow through their network. That's being a Nazi Tim.

  10. they chalange themselfs to collect as litle as possible ( cough BS cough BS) you backup everything on a cloud. and they Defnetly collect as much money as possible, they also Cheap out on the bateries and parts and R&D , to collect more 2 yrs later by selling you a new phone / PC , YES ITS A PC ( personal computer ) , and no Macox etc is not special its an opensource Freebsd spinoff, its just more user frendly, i wasted 9 mins of my life

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