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Chris Kresser is a health detective specializing in investigative medicine, blogger, podcaster, teacher and a Paleo diet and lifestyle enthusiast. His new book “Unconventional Medicine” is out now, available on Amazon and

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  1. that flax and chia that in that cookie you talked about…those are rancid… you have to consume flax and chia right after you grind them or they will oxidize…so you are poisoning yourself with that cookie.. just eat an apple

  2. All of this kind of begs the question if the current societal issues we face in the world (third wave feminism, left-wing ideology, censorship, etc) are prevalent because of a globally fucked up diet and pharmaceutical industry.

  3. ED was not invented Joe, it was called impotence and you can find it throughout history even back in Greek Mythoogy. They renamed it, though is fair enough to say it was renamed by advertisers. It's not illegal to describe a disease that already exists.

    Also There are no paleo ancestor fossils, he's talking anecdotal stories here. IF he's referring to pre-human fossils that we supposedly have, they are sketchy whether they are pre-human (ie before evolution), we have under 20 fragments of these, not a gluttony of skeletons to show scientific evidence of mans nature then. If he's referring to life before civilization, the same. WE DONT HAVE THEM. sorry bout the caps, i'm not yelling. The oldest full skeletons we have like from Itzi the ice man, show that he had seeds and tools in his bag, like modern Indians do today, the bag form his leather was tanned, a very skilled process. We have tiny amounts of "paleo" anything in the fossil record that aren't already from the Egyptian, Mesopotamia, etc eras.

    Anyways, i am close to the natural medicine industry and there are just to many anecdotal stories like this passed around. Eating healthy food is definitely better, but we still have a lot of issues with the "healthy foods" today. We are still living longer than the average person in America in the 1900s and throughout many, many years before in the world. There's more to this general argument than he's giving.

  4. I’m definitely buying his book. I’m SO interested in nutrition. I began a weight loss journey in August and I am already down 40 pounds and only 24% body fat and my diet is everything to me! I do hit the gym 5-6days a week but diet definitely makes the biggest difference.

  5. I'm a fit guy 53 6' 175 lbs. I don't restrict simple or complex carbs and I don't binge or crave them either. I use supplement, work out, hike and stay active but not obsessive. I do blood work and I'm healthy. I have been vegan, macrobiotic, vegetarian, paleo and now I eat what I want with health and balance in mind.

  6. my question about sleep deprivation…what about new parents? how do we survive during the newborn stage because that last months. sleep deprivation for 8 days I dont think will kill you but maybe I heard wrong.

  7. I heard this about the french on 60 minutes, Maury Safer, about 30 years ago. Their reasoning for the lack of heart disease in France was that they used cream instead of milk. Thry cook with creams, having the good kinds of fat. Also, they havent decided yet but their is a possible virus or prion because its smaller than any known virus but it accumulates calcium around it creating calcium plaques mostly. The problem is not cholesterol, its calcium and this creature. They still prescribe statins but the brain needs cholesterol.

  8. God dude, drink a fuckin glass of water holyshit. your microbiome is suffering from dehydration I can hear it in your mouth. click click. I actually want to hear what they are talking about but I keep getting distracted by my eye twitching everytime his mouth clicks.

    ……sorry it bothered me so bad I had to get it out..

  9. These are very progressive ideas but unlike other progressive positions, I still hear
    a healthy amount of modesty in this discussion and there is no apparent profit
    based motive – apart from maybe book sales. Feels like I just gorged myself on a buffet of thoughts.

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