What Uber drivers think about their robot replacements

Last week, Uber launched its self-driving car pilot program in Pittsburgh. Customers in certain parts of the city can now hail an Uber, with the chance that they’ll be picked up by a self-driving car.

Though there’s someone sitting in the driver’s seat, the cars guide and drive themselves. And Uber has long felt bullish about its technology: CEO Travis Kalanick says the company’s whole fleet could be “driverless in 2030.”

The day that Uber launched its Pittsburgh program, VICE News took a ride with some of the drivers that Uber could put out of a job with its autonomous cars, to ask them whether they were concerned about sharing the road with the self-driving cars that will put them out of business.

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40 thoughts on “What Uber drivers think about their robot replacements

  1. Yeah the "autos" aren't going to wipe out Uber or Lyft. Lyft and Uber didn't completely wipe out taxi. Cell phones didn't completely wipe out land lines. We have both. Offices and some homes still use land lines. People still ride horses and buggies in Pennsylvania (the Amish) and people drive cars there also… so the truth is this: we'll have both.

    The government would have to pass an awful lot of regulations to take human drivers off the road. It would be un-American and "anti-Freedom" if you think about it. My money is on the human element. Autos are a cool invention, but they're going to take a long time to be adapted, and they won't replace the human element. I just made a video about this on my new channel Rideshare Recruiter.

  2. My thing is if robots have all the jobs. Who is gonna to make money to make purchases. Robots don't have any money. I your unemployed you not taking s cab. You walking. I guess they will find robots to do that for us too.

  3. I would not and will never trust a self driving car and Im young enough to be a part of the generation that was looking foward to these advancements. I think that company's think that the public will be okay with it because for us, its new and exciting and for them, its more money in and virtually none out. However people like to talk to people, making connections with others is a part of human nature and people love the simple things like a good conversation with there driver or there check out person at the grocery store.

  4. 1. When Uber phase out to automated drivers, By then all other cars will be automated too.
    Mix of human drivers and Robot drivers will clash each other.
    2. When Uber goes automated, there will dozens more Uber-like corporations.
    3. When Automation is born. Old fashion Taxis will become Obsolet
    4. Automation will also wipe out MTA in all major cities, as Automated technology will handle any volume of passengers, quickest and most efficient.
    5. When Uber will be Automated, all other non-Transport jobs will become automated too.
    It does not mean, humans will lose jobs, No No, Machines will be as complementory Brain for every worker, releasing his time to surf internet all an unprecedented accelerated speed.
    6.Any one, not updating himself now, will starve to death, as there will be no more physical labour job market
    Technology will override all Federal and State Laws.

  5. they already took off all Uber self driving cars out of Arizona when one of the cars failed to detect a human crossing the street instantly killing them….be careful where you cross the street in the middle of the night or you'll get run over

  6. Well technology is moving fast, hoping to see automated doctors, nurses ,lawyers , real estate agents … etc
    Automation is leading people to no jobs, btw I dont give a damn about uber drivers for they know that uber Does not even think of them

  7. Tell your government you want a basic income with a certain amount of liberty that you can all agree on. Repeating the argument of business versus workers about new jobs will always be there, no it won't, Marx said so, Yes they will you lazy drone get an education, blah blah blah, will not actually achieve any social stability.

  8. I’m a full time uber driver and just found out about these cars yesterday I’ve been working for uber 1 year and the gps in Uber is a little jinky so I’m curious to know how these cars will be lol

  9. It has been proven over and over again that as technology improves, the unemployment rate stays low. That's because increased technology means an improved way of life and an improved way of life means that people will have to spend more time in college and dedicated to work and delay and decrease family size. Therefore as the birth rate decreases, the population does not have an enormous number of people who can't find jobs.

    Consider India. India is becoming more advanced and developed and its birth rate is slowing down. The loss of jobs is not a problem if there is a drop in the birth rate. People are spending more time in schools. The improved technology means that children who normally die of certain diseases are now surviving because of medical advances. Therefore parents don't need to have large families to ensure that at least two kids will grow to adulthood. I'm not worried about the loss of jobs. If driverless cars are much safer, then I welcome them.

  10. Only good thing I can think of out of this is where are the police departments going to make their money ??? Nyc collected 1.5 BILLION dollars in traffic fines in all five boroughs in 2015. (Look it up in the internet)Who are they going to give a ticket to ??? In fact if they try to pull over an Uber car how does the uber car know to stop ??? Nyc and all across america is going to bleed to death slowly and taxes will go up to make the difference up for lost traffic tickets. Feel sorry for stores like pep boys Napa auto parts Strauss auto stores etc etc all across the USA. Uber and google and the like will replace parts only for sure with genuine original factory parts leaving all them workers on the side of the road. No more junk yards gas stations and what if you want to drive across the land of america ? Better yet Can I order a convertible in the summertime to go down the shore ??? These Volvo x90 cars are about $50,000 dollars buying in a fleet and outfitting them is how much more ??? And to cover this your going to start paying to ride in a autonomous car heavily once they dominate the road. Called a monopoly !!! Slowly it’s going to kill america !!!

  11. People pay with their dollars. If they don't accept the automatic rides, Uber can't make money off of them. Hopefully, there will be some way for the good drivers to stay on the road.

  12. You guys are getting in self driving Uber's right now. If you go in a car where the driver been driving for 17hrs and half asleep on the wheel that's self driving

  13. Show the grave flaws of those self driving vehicles.

    Because a self driving vehicle has far more than just these two grave examples mentioned…

    1. Self driving vehicle stops "dead in it's tracks" for items such as squirrels and chipmunks; no problem with that. But then the forty ton truck that was behind you is suddenly on top of you.

    2. Bad weather. Add some ice and now into the picture; especially in places such as Pittsburgh. Because at FORTY degrees both ice and snow can form on items such as bridges. It gets quite interesting watching self driving vehicles trying to adapt to ice and snow

  14. Government already have super computer called Skynet. Why these people make it seem hard to find work. I'm a new uber, going to do delivery for other companies. They drive for coke cola stocking shelve with products, work for Amazon flex, apply for your taxi service license etc. people need to stop putting all their eggs in one basket.

  15. I think everyone in this video albeit hard working a little bit naive and really don't understand the mechanics when it comes to AI, driverless cars, etc.

    I have made this comment on several other YouTube videos regarding this driverless car movement and that is simply this.

    People worried about jobs being lost to driverless cars and it's most likely not going to happen for at least another 20 to 30 years and the reason for this being is this.

    The AI in driverless cars would not work for several reasons. There is only so many situations, scenarios that can be programmed into the vehicle to allow it to react appropriately on the road to other vehicles that it would be sharing the road with mainly sharing the road with cars that still have human drivers behind the wheel.

    Because of this a human driver is unpredictable a driverless vehicle is not because a driverless vehicle does exactly what it's programmed to do.

    If it was a case that every car on the road had the human Factor taken out of it meaning that they were no more human drivers even for personal vehicles then the system would work with very few incidents occurring.

    A lot of hype over something that isn't anywhere near being a complete reality. As for that part in the video where the interviewer said "there's one of those driverless cars now" what you failed to mention was that in that driverless car there was someone in the driver's seat because it's one of those test cars there still needs to be a driver at this time in case something goes wrong.

    I've seen them in my area and always this still someone in the driver's seat.

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