Logan Paul STRIKES Content, Pokimane says BAD thing.. MatPat UNFORGIVABLE!

Logan paul worst controversy YET, Pokimane striked my channel, shaking and crying rn

Dolan Darker meme: Dolan

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43 thoughts on “Logan Paul STRIKES Content, Pokimane says BAD thing.. MatPat UNFORGIVABLE!

  1. PirateSoftware: Could you actually credit us for our game?
    Matpat: I could, BUT AM I GONNA
    Toby Fox: *Slams dick on table*, Excuse me?
    Matpat shrieks Okay okay, I'll do whatever you want Mr. Fox
    PirateSoftware: Am I a joke to you?

  2. I hear you felix and I think that equality is the best option, toxic masculinity is real but it's being portrayed and delivered unfortunately tryng to label masculinity as toxic all together which is a toxic outlook in it of itself. Although I do believe on a factual basis men are focused more on wicked and dangerous aspects of life in general. Consider this, America has a greater ratio of woman to men yet the prison is filled with a great majority of men committing awful crimes. Evil gangs are primarily run by men and a woman having any pull in a gang is generally laughable unless shes workin a top dog client or her baby daddy is a mafia boss.

  3. Everyone, international brothers, or love Bun registered channel to help bun reach 100,000 people registered with me, I wish I will own that silver button is my dream

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