How To Be A Person | How To Quit Your Job

Quitting a job can be scary, intimidating, and nerve-racking. How much notice do you give? How honest should you be in your exit interview? And is it OK to quit your job in order to get raise somewhere else?

Vice News sits down with Dr. Michael Woodward, an organizational psychologist and HR consultant, to find out how to quit a job.

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33 thoughts on “How To Be A Person | How To Quit Your Job

  1. The best way is to just quit, cold turkey, don't give two weeks notice, especially if the job isn't corporative. I worked at a cafeteria for minimum and I didn't even get a contract so I oficially wasn't even employed.

  2. I treat my employer as they treat me. If they treat me with kindness and respect I’ll give them two weeks. If they don’t I give short to no notice and send off a ceise and desist from a lawyer for a bad reference. Works every time.

  3. I walked out after almost 30 years. Indicated that I was getting my hat and leaving. Inside I was thinking "Seee YA! Wouldn't want to BEE YA! I do regret my level of politeness. They did not deserve it.

  4. Exit interview should always be politely declined, even if it is the policy of the company to do one. The reason is that there is no upside benefit to the worker who is about to leave. If the company really cares about what the soon to be departing employee's true feelings about the company, wouldn't the company want to find out about it when the worker was still productive? There is a lot of downside risks to the soon to be departed worker if the worker decided to open his or her heart and told the truth about how she or he really felt about the company. One or two years later, when a new potential employer calls for a reference, the old HR department has a file on the exit interivew and this information could be used against the employee who poured his or her heart out to the old HR. Only advice: Do not do it. If you must do one due to company policy, choose your word carefully as if you were being interviewed by a potential employer.

  5. My job was so bad I got robbed of hours and they refused to pay/ fix it. So my revenge was to make the whole morning shift struggle and I never showed up for work the entire week. Hey screw me over I will do the same and screw over the morning crew and make them stay too. My job was so unprofessional I waited for the right time to be a complete dickhead. And I still never got paid. I wonder if I should persue the lost hours or let it be?

    Apparently my job in the morning made sure everybody got to leave early, if I helped hem get done in time then I did my job. I was a ripper at food4less and was the worst job ever, no team work, all favoritism, and all bosses were friends outside of work. So the last few days before I quit and never called back I started to leave really huge messes and make the later crew do it. Like nope Make my life a living hell at work I will do double that.

  6. I got a new ft job that I am enjoying. Quitting my pt job soon.I would have done it before my new job started (it started on Monday) but i was super nervous. Now I am stuck with two jobs for 2 weeks. The extra money would be nice but this new job is ft and I get weekends off. My pt job, my days off varied week by week.

  7. Do Not vent during the exit interview. You found a better gig, so you don't need to vent to HR on your way out. It's pointless and nobody cares anyway. You'll just end up looking disgruntled.

  8. Sometimes I get so sick of my job that I want to quite right now without even looking for another job. I'm grateful that I have a job, but doing something you hate is one of the worst things! Pretending that I'm happy at work in front of my line manager and colleagues makes me feel pathetic! I wish it wasn't hard to look for another job, but it takes forever!

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