Behind the Political Spin: The British Election

This election is the closest in decades, so winning over an increasingly disillusioned electorate matters. But instead of actually facing the public, the risk-averse party leaders are stuck on a grim carousel of predictable press conferences and stage-managed photocalls.

Politicians are aided in their cause by an army of spin-doctors that minimize unscripted interactions with journalists and the public alike. These media buffers, crowd fluffers, and party cheerleaders help the campaign stay on message, but in doing so they keep politicians evasive, and the public at arm’s length.

VICE News joined the campaign trail to confront the journalists, spin-doctors, and leaders who all have a part to play in the evolution of this Pyongyang press junket that serves to lock out the great, unvetted public.

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49 thoughts on “Behind the Political Spin: The British Election

  1. The 'left wing' Labor Party. are you fucking serious?! Labor hasn't been left-wing since they got taken over by a cult called New Labor led by Blair and Brown and made it into a neo-liberal party. WTF come on Vice, basic fact. now the greens, respect party, even SNP that's a left-wing party.

  2. So, the people who are charging head first to be elected to represent what the people want, are afraid of engaging in any way with the people that they're going to be representing? Bit fucking moronic, don't you think?

    These scripted environments show little else than the cowardice, evasiveness, and complete lack of trust in the people they're supposed to be representing. Democracy, is a government OF THE PEOPLE, which they're too afraid to come into contact with. So how can you represent THE PEOPLE, without being apart of THE PEOPLE?

    Politics and politicians these days have their heads so far up their ass they evidently fail to see logic, sense and reason. Even more reason to completely discredit and disregard any electoral vote. The men and women of service who fought, from around the world, for our right to freedom and choice, including voting, are being desecrated with this monstrosity they've thrown the title of 'democracy' over.

  3. you all saw the freedom of Western Elections when Scotland was robbed of independence. And then back in 2000 when Al Gore lost to George Bush . Not that  it would matter whether Gore or Bush won. But cheating is cheating.

  4. This presenter is very amateurish, and thus this film comes across as nothing more than a third rate journalist having a big day out. This is certainly not insightful, and for the largely quite boring. Also, saying 'bullshit' in a question to the Leader of the Opposition does not make you cool and modern, but actually just betrays a lack of respect for public servants

  5. There was plenty to dislike about Ed Miliband – but he was strides ahead of Cameron and Clegg in this election. For all his faults, the PR obsessions, his savvy politician demeanor – his desire to change the country was far more authentic than Cameron's; who you can tell just lifted lines about change from Obama because he's more interested in electioneering and listening to his PR gurus than putting up a flag and standing for something. Miliband represented, however marginally, a return to the values of Old Labour, when social justice was non-negotiable. He was about shifting the balance of power in favour of ordinary people far more than Cameron or Clegg could ever pretend to be.

    Just look at the open season the british press exacted on Miliband. The tabloids abandoned all pretense of impartiality. They were terrified that Miliband might just make good on his promise to make the rich pull their weight. That's all it is: make the people who have more money than sense do a little bit more to help society in these hard times. The media used every tactic in the book to make that sound unappealing.

  6. I know Vice news is supposed to bring you the real hard hitting stories that the "mainstream media" wont publish.

    But that being said there is no need to swear in a public setting. It really gives off a unprofessional vibe.

    Just a thought.

  7. Ace of a question posed to Milliband. Loved the little ghasp of astonishment at the word "bullshit". Oh my word, you swore at the party leader! No-one swears at him! After all, he's up there, and we're down here! Fuck off.

  8. Your participation in "democracy" is limited to your vote. Nothing more. Nothing less. You more often than not aren't allowed to ask politicians questions, even if you intend to vote for them, even if they disgrace the campaign promises that won your vote in the first place. You can shake their hand if you're lucky… To me, this sounds a lot like a broken system.

  9. 51.5 million people ,my estimate,  could vote. Of those, some 7.7 million don't even register, and only 67% registered voters vote. (About 60% of eligible population votes).
    Cons, with 50.9% of parliamentary seats, actually got support from about 22% of those eligible to vote; just over one in four people appear to support them, and this is heralded as a great victory! Just how democratic are we?

  10. God Save The CHILDREN…..the entire nation under the age of 18 needs a restraining order against Parliament, the UK government and the House of Pervs. 4 Real. ¬†Kids, move to Scotland. They're leaving the PERVERT empire, too….

    See alternative media exposing 70% of government past and present on level 3 and above. It is a contagion of child abusers covering for thieves, craven and desperate war criminals, wolves in stolen ally cloth and generational psychopaths.

  11. I love the idea of this "peek behind the curtain" so to speak, but surely something as big as the uk election would warrant a more capable reporter? He was like a lost puppy when he got the chance to ask Miliband a question, a good opportunity to have a pop squandered there, and saying the word "bullshit" only showed his lack of experience or skill. It's like he'd put more thought into deciding to say the big nasty word to a politician to get cool points or come off as an edgey reporter, that he completely forgot to put any thought into his question or the delivery of it. Fail

  12. Kill one innocent fox with 60+ dogs? its not fair is it? totally cruel and why are they hunting if its banned? its clear this law isn't being enforced properly.
    sport? killing little mammals is a sport? yeah fuck off

  13. They are rearranging the deck chairs on the radioactive Titanic and trying to bail the water with a teacup…..the whole western world going right down the crapper and all the media does is pretend everything is OK and foist more green screen fraud at us. "Pay no attention to the flaming radioactive Titanic sinking right before your eyes, this deeply compromised STOOGE is going to fix it for you…."

  14. research murder for patent in perpetuity. 1%, they coming for all of you/if you can't see that you IS blind. In a poetic irony, you folks are worse off than the middle class/survival wise….

    what goes around comes around/in this realm/don't quite matter who is at/the helm/so burn/have it burnt/polit inferno(literally)          (heads up/they're desperate)

  15. youtube DLIST/ ¬†youtube homicidal PM's MP's /heath/smith/grandvile/child abusers one former PM 1950's/60's/ straight up child killer/youtube 100 year ban/ if you want to know who the imposters really are…start there

    In other words, this is how they get away with murder, and 1%  you are next. For real

  16. The non voting block of the pervert kingdom of the UK, the millions of children under 18, would like to know why their nation was handed over to vile pedophiles to run into the ground 100 years ago? Is that on the ballot?   Cheerio.

    In addition, they'd like to know why this vile and godless practice was turned into an intelligence tactic for the purposes of blackmailing MP's? Any comments? How about you US Congress? ¬†Crickets…..

    The kids would like to know how many pervs Thatcher covered for as 70% of your government past and present are on level 3 and above lists according to Scotland Yard. They would know right….

  17. The reason Jeremy Hunt didn't want to speak to him is probably because he didn't know what Vice was and wanted to spend the time trying to spin his bullshit to the likes of Sky etc.

  18. Farage is a SAVAGE
    If you have a set of BALLS between your legs and know sound economics and foreign policy then you will realize the national debt around the world is colossal to uncontrollable levels. You will also realize the world is now facing a rather new threat but a relative one who made their mark on 9/11, The Islamic State is just a metamorphoses of Al Qaeda and the Wahhabi sect of Islam and a lot is at stake, a lot of money and political concentration is in the middle east.  UKIP will protect you from these threats and will balance the budget by prosecuting every member involved who has damaged the country and return logic to politics, and frankly will expose the international banking cartel in the process.

  19. The whole business with Conservative Jeremy Hunt refusing to speak to VICE News until some aide filled him in on what — exactly — VICE was is so telling. After he sensed that he'd possibly alienated a large "market" — he hastily and awkwardly backpedaled. Well done on exposing an elitist hypocrite, VICE!

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