Joe Rogan Experience #1019 – Bryan Fogel

Bryan Fogel is an American film director, producer, author and playwright. His documentary “Icarus” available now on Netflix, documents the uncovering of the Russian doping scandal. GoFundMe Page for Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov

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  1. 2:33:35 the idea that something IS a lifeform because it's been CREATED BY a lifeform is an old idea that has been challenged at length and yet it still holds some qualitative truth, it depends on how you wish to interpret the evidence I guess.
    A lifeform that does not need emotions is not evidence of a good or bad thing the same for biological needs etc… it's just a different truth as perceived by humans. Is it possible that somehow the sterile/blank canvass of a new shiny top of the line robot can be given the information needed to wipe out its human creators – I think we all know that its a tiny bit possible yet we all know it becomes more possible and likely every day!

  2. It's pretty trivial to recover deleted data: when you delete it the bits are just marked as available for reuse in a table, the actual data is still there until it gets overwritten by something else, you don't really need the CIA to do that

  3. Here's an idea. To all the people who think they're clever by saying Joe Rogan's name and then inserting something they find to be funny. How about not and just keeping it to comments about the podcast? It saves the rest of us from scrolling past unfunny comments.

  4. Pity he doesn't know that Jamaica is a poor 3rd world country. The athletes benefit from the medals but the country overall really doesn't get a boost in tourism from Winning medals. the crime rate is too high. Also Jamaica has been winning medals for years, especially the women. Jamaica actually started medalling more once stricter drug testing came about. What people dont realize this that there are athletic programs that start at the school level. These schools compete annually for the championship. Basically the best usually move one to represent the country. Am not saying its not possible for athletes to be on drugs from Jamaica. It just seems unlikely that a poor 3rd world country like Jamaica would have the money or resources to bribe Olympic officials.

  5. Not only do these athletes in the Olympics not get paid but they get exploited and shook down for any money they win or have to conceal the fact that those same people got them doping in the first place and i feel thats the main reason these guys do it… For the shake down money.

  6. My question is knowing now that liquor dilutes anabolic steroids and allows it to pass through the system. It raises the question does Jon Jones use steroids and the fact that he drinks alcohol answer the why? He has only trace amounts when tested and so on.

  7. couple of things about this which is weird to me , number 1 he admits to going to people from many nations who all new, all told him how it could be done, but wouldnt do it because they would lose their jobs except the russian bloke , he then wonders why the officials wont do anything about it but doesnt come to the conclusion that everyone is doing it and thats why . number 2 an american moaning about a country influencing another countries elections always seems hysterically funny to me considering american foreign policy for the last 70 odd years . mind you i am only an hour and 16 mins in so maybe that will change and i will have to come back and delete this lol so now russia play by a different set of rules because people turn up dead , guantanamo , iraq , south america etc . this bloke found a great story but i feel he is trying to turn it into something else while pretending everyone else isnt doing the same .

  8. @BryanFogel @JoeRogan : Fogel should attempt a third measurement. His firsts was legal supplements, second was illegal supplements and lastly should be pure body / mind connection and instinct attempt.

  9. I listened to this ep live n was amazed by the convo n then due to having a 3 year old n a job never found time to watch the doc , i believe its just over 2hrs anyway finally had time to watch something longer then 45 mns so i sat down with a six pack n watched icarus n was glued beginning to end n was so hooked on the topic here I am back re watching the ep of Joe Rogan just to get more !!!if you haven't watched the doc icarus ( hope I'm spelling this correctly) pls take the time to watch especially if u have ever played sports on a competitive level u will love it !!!

  10. I loved this guy right up to the point that he decided that because of the sports doping that it somehow proves the Baseless, evidence Less allegations of supposed "Russian meddling" in the 2016 elections. So according to Fogel's logic because Russia had a doping program they meddled in our elections too, so did China also meddle in our elections? I mean considering that he claims they have as large if not larger of a doping program. Did Lance Armstrong also "meddle"? And why meddle in the rust belt states instead of just California? Leave political LIES out of sports please

  11. Hey guys you are incredibly wrong about athletes not being payed at all, I'm from the UK and Spain and our athletes get payed. Presumably it's only a few countries including the USA which don't pay their athletes. 1:47:20

  12. Joe and Bryan, how can you even think they should ban the Russian athletes? They didn't have a choice, if there is a government state doping program by Putin, you have to participate. Really they could have been banned for the Rio Olympics, where the evidence was found. However in two years time, the athletes will be clean, or they will have to find new evidence. People train their whole life just to make it to the Olympics. Not to mention, the geopolitical scandal, the Russian's would not appreciate the move and there is no need to increase political tensions between Russia and the west, particularly as the reason they are not acting is probably because they are fully aware of doping throughout the different countries and as much as America wants to look clean, they are probably just as big dopers in the history of the sport, look at Armstrong…

  13. Russia tampering <China Tampering<US Tampering on a global level. Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, Lyle Alzado + 1000s of other America athletes all caught doing performance enhancing drugs. Make no mistake, DNC is now trying their hardest to get the country to get back into a cold war with Russia to please their military industrial complex corporate masters.

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