Joe Rogan Experience #801 – Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson is the Honorary Chairman of the Our America Initiative, two-term Governor of New Mexico, and 2016 Libertarian candidate for President.

41 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #801 – Gary Johnson

  1. At 1:13ish, is Gary talking about someone like Donald Trump being elected, the "benevolent dictator?" Or, does he just mean any powerful person who gets in and does what he wants, what might not necessarily reflect the typical "political maneuver."

  2. You know all the good things above we can have with no governments at all just anarcho-capitalism, anarcho-socialism, and anarcho-syndicalism together chosen freely with the voluntary consent forum to it always. Look up peoples coalitions, or another good term to use is a Kibbutz.

  3. My favorite stat of the 2016 presidential election here in Arizona. The difference in votes between Trump and Hillary was about 900,000 votes, Gary Johnson received 900,000 votes.

  4. The healthcare reforms were supposed to be free universal healthcare but the compromise ended up being the governement funding the existing system very much as it was without any real structural or procedural reform. The reason why the british get more bang for their buck is because instead of pricing on an individual basis hospitals purchase their resources collaborativley and corporations cant get away with price gouging because its always available for public scrutiny. If your gonna do healthcare…. do healthcare!

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