A City Divided: Jerusalem’s Most Contested Neighborhood

Throughout the past several months, Jerusalem has been a scene of clashes and violent attacks. Silwan, a Palestinian neighborhood just steps away from Jerusalem’s Old City, has been at the heart of the unrest, and is becoming one of the most contentious neighborhoods in the most contested city in the world.

As settlement expansion into East Jerusalem continues, Israeli authorities have ramped up their practice of demolishing homes built without proper permits — permits which are near impossible for Palestinians to acquire. In addition to the demolitions due to lack of permits, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced in early November the reinstatement of the policy of demolishing terrorists’ homes, which Palestinians claim is a form of collective punishment.

VICE News traveled to Silwan and met with Palestinians and Israelis living in this contested neighborhood at a time when Jerusalem is more divided than ever.

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33 thoughts on “A City Divided: Jerusalem’s Most Contested Neighborhood

  1. Not everything on this Earth is the white mans Fault, holyshit. I am not against anyone living their life in peace. I feel bad for the Palestinians.
    However any religion that treats Women as not human or subhuman is WRONG!

  2. To have 3 religions declare this city as indespensable is an opportunity to compromise for the sake of this area. I find it odd that because of their gods, they are killing each other at their holiest place.

  3. Not too educated on this situation but I think this land was given to the Jewish people buy god. I think the holy land is Jerusalem not sure tho but yeah it’s supposed to be Jewish not Muslim and everyone knows that Muslim religion grows very fast and pushes hard for people to convert

  4. Dude the Israeli guy who like “it’s not fear it’s defense” gives me the same creepy goosebumps that frank underwood from house of cards did. He has the cadence of super villain.

  5. "If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel.That's normal, we took their country.They see in us only one thing, we are Venus and Have stolen their land.Why should they accept this?David Ben Gurion Founder of the State of Israel in 1948 "Long live Palestine.

  6. 11:16 Palestinians should be able to walk around freely without needing a visa or permit and without having to worry about being checked while an illegal Israeli settler living on land that violates the 1/65 treaties Israel has violated can walk peacefully. Stop the hypocrisy and stop the injustice and stop the apartheid.

  7. The mf at 10:59 who tries to compare himself to black people needs to jump off a cliff. He got an education in New York and lived freely. Black people were forced to sacrifice their dignity and pick cotton. Somebody shoot this idiotic donkey.

  8. The stupid ass in 6:59 talks about jihad, which I agree is terrible. Hamas should be dealt with. But what about the IDF jihad against indeginous Palestinian families who are forced into prisons, forced to sign papers. In hebrew which is a language they do not understand, and force to admt to crimes they have not commited. Isnt that a jihad against Palestinians?

  9. YOU ISRAELI'S ARE SCARED AND WILL ALWAYS BE SCARED, ARABS HAVE NO FEAR OF ANYTHING OR ANYONE BUT GOD, WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE EAST! ISRAEL NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO to your left to your right up and down ur surrounded by arabs, lebanon , egypt, jordan, syria, saudi arabia , UAE ! only god knows how much we hate you..

  10. Since Palestinians are Indigenous to "Palestine/Israel" and Israeli's say that's where their ancestors come from too, than Israeli's are Palestinian's too. Sarcastic logic

  11. If it wasn't for white people slavery would still exist.
    If it wasn't for white people Europe would have lost 2 world wars and ALL EUROPEANS would be speaking GERMAN TODAY.
    YET everyone seems to forget all that shit.
    FACT:ALL people who aren't white hate white people…


  12. Regardless who you believe the Palestinians or the Israelis.
    No matter who you think the land belongs to ..
    1 thing is certain.
    Their is thousands of years of Hate Violence and Mistrust on
    And unfortunately some things CANNOT be forgotten and Some wounds NEVER heal.
    God bless you all and God Bless America from Wayne county North Carolina

  13. I believe the Jewish people are evil, especially them who went through a lot need to have more sympathy!!! And the sad thing is the media lied to us here in the western world, the UN is behind this will be praying for the Palestians.


    The continued critique and the continued non approach to this very simply issue, not only by Israel, but by the UN, the parent assembly of many proxy outfits. Israel is not a proxy, refuses to be, which is also a cause for the issues with the governing body.

    Balfour and San Remo failed in a major sense, when we consider the lives lost and the failure to deport those living in the old Kingdom of Judea, who oppose Israeli sovereignty. The reestablishment of the Jewish state must resemble and should resemble the actual territory and of course the name. Israel was apart of the upper kingdom of Judea, while Judea, where the government sits, was the lower kingdom of Judah. So 1948 should have been the establishment of the State of Judea, thus, ending any possibility of a Palestinian narrative or claim.

    The failure to do so gives life to this dangerous occupation of individuals living within the State of Israel and in the territories.

    Daniel Moshe Johnson

  15. Unterstützung für die israelischen Siedler aus Deutschland! Sie können dort nicht in Frieden leben, sie müßen sich verteidigen. Wer hat den Krieg 1967 begonnen? Who started the war in 1967? Palestine is the price you lost when you started that war. It's your fault. Noone supports Germany for their lost land in Ostpreußen and they were driven away by the Polish. Don't start a war, Palestine is now Jewish!

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