Joe Rogan Experience #1109 – Matthew Walker

Matthew Walker is Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and Founder and Director of the Center for Human Sleep Science. Check out his book “Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams” on Amazon.

37 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1109 – Matthew Walker

  1. This is stardust for someone like me. I've done pretty much everything stated in the video. Go sleepless and brag about it. Practise for a play, get 20-30 mins of sleep for 2 days and then go perform an absolute shit show on stage.

  2. God Joe is a moron. Using the fact that the writers of "News Radio" were intentionally sleep deprived when they wrote their scripts as an example that sleep deprivation can help creativity is beyond retarded. He is literally making his guest's point. "News Radio" was such an awful fucking show, that right now when the 90's is really retro, popular and trendy, especially in syndicated television, "News Radio" is NOWHERE to be seen, not even on the horrible stations on regular TV which you have to pick up with a digital antenna, the channels you see on the TV's of old people, drug addicts, hospitals, jails and institutions. And you see shows like "Becker", "Cybill", "Monk" and that horrible show where the girl from "Howard the Duck" was a cartoonist who had friend-zoned this beta faggot in a trenchcoat and round glasses. No one wants to watch "News Radio," and even channels which have literally zero programming will not pay for "News Radio," which must be extraordinarily cheap, and again, people who were in their late 30's and 40's in the late 80's and 90's are now "retired" on S.S.I. or on Social Security Disability, and they are very poor and can't afford cable, and they have already seen all the 80's shows in syndication way too much, as on some of those regular TV stations, 80's shows are STILL on in syndication, like "Different Strokes" or "Highway to Heaven" or whatever that show was with Michael J. Fox. So they love watching 90's shows, because as time goes on, bundles of these shows become cheaper and cheaper, and for people who only watch regular TV, it's like their getting new shows to watch.

    And even with all of that, no one wants to watch "News Radio".

  3. Joe's constant bringing up of cannabis and his reference to DMT was super annoying. And the fact that he didn't bring up what the pineal gland actually does, regulate circadian rhythms, analyze how much light we are getting throughout the day and when, and produce hormones like melatonin to help us sleep. This man brings up the fucking pineal gland almost every fucking podcast, but only in reference to DMT or carvings in pyramids, but not when he has an expert on the show discussing what the fucking gland is actually known to be there for. I mean, it is there to "see" light. He had a perfect opportunity here to segue into the discussion about DMT and how it was referred to by ancient cultures as the third eye, which is even more amazing when you realize that it is able to "see" light. Sometimes it really shows just how dumb Joe is.

  4. Random thought;
    I wonder what the people in a indigenous tribe dreams are like. Especially when they see helicopters and random outsiders for the first time. Maybe its the worst nightmares one can imagine or just weird dreams of helicopters.

  5. What an amazing guest, super clear and articulate in the way he pours out information, easy to grasp and comprehend the huge importance of sleep.
    I actually just ordered his book I'm so intrigued I need to learn more on the subject!
    Great podcast boys 👍

  6. PLEASE READ IF YOU WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF SLEEP: Shocked that their wasn't any mention of keeping a dream journal. I used to have to budget 12 hours a night to only get 7 hours of sleep. Now after I started keeping a dream journal I can sleep almost the entire night without waking up and feel more rested after less sleep than before I started recording my dreams. If I CONSISTENTLY record my dreams it feels like i'm in those dreams for hours and on VERY few occasions days. Feels like I'm living in a second life at times. FYI it took me about a month of writing down my dreams to where I felt like I could spend a half hour recording what I remembered in my dreams. Also of VERY important note EVERYONE STARTS OFF NOT REMEMBERING THEIR DREAMS ITS LIKE A MUSCLE YOU GOT TO EXERCISE!!! Very few people can start off being able to do a hundred push-ups, its something you got to train at; the same goes for remembering your dreams long enough to record them. When you first start out you probably won't remember anything, but one night you'll remember just one thing or just a word WRITE IT DOWN!!! For me at the beginning if I remembered anything at all it might just be a word, like "forest". But after consistently doing it I would remember a phase like "I was walking in a forest". Then from just remembering a word or a phrase, I started to recall more and more. Then one night I spent 45 minutes writing down what I experienced in my dream. And all it costs is a pen, paper, and possible a night light, honestly one of the best things I have ever done; and think everyone should do it.

  7. The government aren't interested in addressing this issue. For people to have more sleep they'll need to work fewer hours, and the political donors won't be happy about that.

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