The Chinese Star Wars… That no one knows about…

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33 thoughts on “The Chinese Star Wars… That no one knows about…

  1. 这个完全搞笑的视频被一个叫KOKO傻逼博主诬陷辱华,中国人脸都被这个孙子丢光了,作为pewdiepie的中国粉丝,我只想对这个KOKO说:去你大爷的。

    This video have been criticized by a chinese blogger named KOKO, claiming that pewdiepie is making fun of chinese. As a Chinese fan myself I felt ashamed for this incident. I wish anyone who knows about this to understand that this KOKO does not represent the chinese community. Most of the Chinese fans are very positive about pewdiepie's video and had a good laugh for it . But for this KOKO, fk this son of bitch. (KOKO does follow up with a sorry video , but still the original video was watched by a lot of chinese.)

    Specific story about this was discussed by a very honest Youtuber named

  2. the green laser is cuz of the toad red is snake and chinese legend say some really op snake or something can evolve into dragon. And he can break gold with his bare hand or steel whatever but its pretty obvious its a translation issue idc

    wtf i just realize thats like evolution by karl xxxx or something but still idc

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