Joe Rogan Experience #1034 – Sebastian Junger

Sebastian Junger is the author of The Perfect Storm, War, and Tribe. He also is the co-director of the Oscar-nominated documentary “Restrepo.” His latest documentary “Hell On Earth” can been seen on NatGeo.

40 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1034 – Sebastian Junger

  1. Joe you are wrong about obama, he was not brilliant or articulite he read from a fucking teleprompter and when It failed his speeches went straight to shit. He was not a statesman he was a cowardly communist piece of shit. He was the worst president we've ever had.

  2. Dude I love your work but you are totally wrong about liberals, they are the enemy they want to destroy america. Conservatives do care about the poor they just want poor lazy people to get off their ass and get a fucking job instead of giving them everything for NOTHING. Leftists are the real facist people.

  3. I was always taught that the constitution was at least half to protect our government from big business… A very obvious self protection for a system that is SET UP ON THE BASIS OF GREED, they where not idiots. Yes protecting us from the corruption of government officials is obviously stated, a corrupt politician or government is someone who sold out……… so now we are breaking our government apart and going into debt to save companies in our dog eat dog world? seems alot like we are putting the good of one company and a bunch of rich people over our whole country. this is insanity

  4. interesting theory, don’t agree with the games argument. Most know the difference between life and a game. Don’t like the answer to be forcing people into team building expoditions artificially. Seems people naturally avoid these situation for multiple reasons.

    Imo the issue is repression, forcable guidence to a certain life style in a flawed system. A crushing of creativity and freedom to a known probable unending life of servatude without a place to shine or live without worry. Alot of which is caused by the pressing of the labor class and the growth of the wage gap between rich and poor.

    interesting episode though.

  5. Sensory overload. Sebastian is right. We're being inundated with "information" daily. And we're choosing it. And for mostly shallow reasons. And sure, there are practical uses for a "phone" in our world. If you break down and there's service where you're broke down you can contact someone. Emergencies come into play. But on the other side of this new technology seems to separate everyone from one another, especially while in a public setting.

    And with new technology or pharmaceuticals or whatever, we never seem to see the cost-benefit ratio until much later. And by that time the damage has already been accomplished.

    Growing up in the perfect suburbs isn't a gift. Sebastian nailed that too. It's picturesque, sure, but it's false. The song Subdivisions nails it as well. It's a mindfuck. One one hand, you're taken care of, at least physically. But on the other hand, you're not. And you're lead to believe this sort of thing was normal. I can remember going back home after leaving the state for a few years and seeing old acquaintances and hearing them say, "Why would I want to leave 'heaven'"? after asking them why they hadn't yet tried other things outside of the neighborhood, let alone the state. They were aghast to my question and thought I was nuts.

  6. Those countries on the travel ban are on it because their vetting is so poor that terrorists from other countries in that region can navigate to the US through those countries. This and other things this guy says indicates to me that he doesn't think things through completely.

  7. On the mine collapsing and the group playing certain roles. So they were all men in the mine. They wanted to get out of the collapsed mine. I get all of that. The one thing I don't agree with is the part about the women typically soothing and calming everyone. If anything women are the landslide of rock into the mine. GG guys

  8. I can't believe SJ used Woody Allen as a character witness against Trump. Woody Allen's daughter accused him of molesting her, he later married his adopted daughter. Woody is a child molester. But oooo, Trump isn't a smooth talker like Obama so he is so horrible. SJ needs to get out of his Manhattan dinner parties more often.

  9. National service for the young? They already give up 13 years of their lives for school and have that shared experience, its not helping. This is the problem with Liberal ideology, they think putting a gun to someone's head and forcing them to do what the people in control "know is best for you" will solve the world's problems. Oh if only the simple folk of this country were wise like SJ… He would take away all their smart phones and force them into unpaid government labor. Then they would be truly happy. Now SJ would say "no no, that's not what I meant", weasel words, there's only one way to implement the policy he proposes.

  10. This guy is smart, but also pretty naive. A mass shooting is legally defined as having 3 or more victims, not including the shooter, in the same general area at the same general time. The only "mass shootings" you hear about are ones in schools or public areas. You don't hear about inner city drive by's where the shooter just opens fire into a group of people. Almost 3/4 of properly defined mass shootings occur in inner cities. Mostly in Chicago and Detroit.

    Also the money the state steals from me with the threat of imprisonment or murder isn't just being shoveled into potholes. It's used to pay off the national debt, it's used on programs that are sentencing future generations to financial enslavement. It's used so people who don't want to work can still smoke pot and drink. "Fixing potholes" is the absolute last thing the state wants to use that stolen money for.

  11. Joe "This will be so much more interesting of an interview if I get way too high and am blown away by small details that aren't even a part of meaningful conversation heuristics" Rogan

  12. Rogan and Junger mislead the viewers by staTing the Democrats are a Left Wing party. Thus a lot of this conversation is bullshit or nonsense!! The American Left intensely dislike the Centrist/Liberals/Democrats. Google ''American Left''!!

  13. If you study Turkic and Mongolian empires, you'll find that they often present themselves as being more free and more powerful than the sedentary empires that they come up against. In fact, you could even read similar attitudes being expressed by the Turkish nationalists in the 1920's while they were fighting against and annihilating the Greek and Armenian communities. I would just say that while their attitudes of freedom might look good at first sight, one should keep in mind that major disagreements about collective decisions and traditions were not accepted whatsoever.
    Also, of interest, the Chinese princesses married to Turkic and Mongol nomadic tribes apparently never returned to China once their husband had died. They certainly felt more free outside the confines of the palaces and in the steppes. Still though….

  14. Right wingers are bad and immoral! For example the city council in Irvine, CA is in the pockets of the developers. Against the will of the people the city council of right wing majority is greedy, dishonest, selfish, and two faced liars. Therefore, right wingers they're terrible people! Stop saying they both suck, democrats want what's best for the majority, they're honest and concerned with doing what's right for the city. We should have a veterans cemetery at our great park, but this right wing council backed by developer money has zero respect for the veterans and wants to move the cemetery by the freeway to open up more land to build build build and screw over everyone by causing gridlock traffic issues, building a high school over a toxic waste site, taking money from corporations like Kia I order to hook them up with building permits. Right wingers are toxic to our democracy!! So I wish it was that right wingers just had a different strategy but their strategy involves malice, deceit, and no regard for the majority. It's evil at its core and Trump, McConnel, Ryan are its Devils!

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