Joe Rogan Experience #729 – Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink is an author, black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, and retired commander of the most highly decorated special-operations unit of the Iraq War: US Navy SEAL Team Three Task Unit Bruiser, which served in the 2006 Battle of Ramadi. His book “Extreme Ownership” is available now via Amazon —

41 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #729 – Jocko Willink

  1. I love the short discussion about how discipline leads to creativity, Larry Bird once said that a mastery of the skills on the court leads to freedom. Then you're playing against the game, not the opponent.

  2. Joe refers to the Iraqis as savages because they can not count. Joe comes off ignorant at times. I think he was just trying to fit it with Jocko as he does with many other guest. Fortunately Jocko did not play into it, and instead defined who he considers "savages"

  3. really like jocko willink when he talks about self discipline, striving for greatness,..etc but I must admit he's very ignorant about the geopolitical landscape of the world.. says that the iraqi intervention which left millions of dead was justified. Even my little cousin could connect the dots here and say that jocko willink and his buddies were sent there as pawns to secure oil fields for the rich and powerful… I think deep down he knows it but tries to believe in another bullshit story that allows him to sleep at night. Otherwise he would have killed himself a long time ago…

  4. It’s just blatantly obvious how incredible Jocko is as a human being. We also gotta credit Joe for being a formidable interviewer, he grows in wisdom and knowledge after every podcast.

  5. War is to men what a wildfire is to a forest. It burns out the dead wood that's strangulating the forest and clear out the undergrowth for future seeds to sprout and grow.

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