Why These Alabama Voters Are Sticking By Roy Moore (HBO)

These are the views of twelve conservative voters who gathered inside a Birmingham coffee house Thursday for a candid discussion about the senate race in their state. Voters dismissed many of the allegations against Moore — while saying behavior that was acceptable in Alabama decades ago shouldn’t be measured by modern standards.

“Forty years ago in Alabama, there’s a lotta mamas and daddies that would be thrilled that their 14 year-old was getting hit on by a district attorney,” one voter said. “There was still clothes on,” another voter said of the first allegations against Moore. “As soon as the girl said she wasn’t comfortable, he took her home.”

The panel was compiled and moderated by Frank Luntz, the Republican pollster well known for arranging focus groups with GOP voters.

This segment originally aired Dec. 8, 2017, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

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48 thoughts on “Why These Alabama Voters Are Sticking By Roy Moore (HBO)

  1. Wait. Tell me where, in the whole country, you abort a child a 9 months. It’s just that these people (in the video) are more passionate about being angry than they are about getting the actual facts.

  2. Today, American Media Consultant, Frank Luntz, appeared on Fox’s
    Media Buzz, said, “the blurring of news and opinion on television is confusing
    for viewers”. The above coming from Mr. Luntz is quite telling, since, no one
    knows more than he  about the art of the
    presentation, has never missed an opportunity whenever he appears on television
    to be always heavily toupeed. Which begs this blogger to note, whenever, a news
    story is breaking, televison news hounds know instinctively which network to
    tune to for what they perceive to have the ‘more’ information and will stick to
    that network for the duration and life of that story, will ever seldom change
    networks, and that goes for Fox and MSNBC consumers of news. So, its little
    wonder that most news hounds have developed a never changing ‘slant’ on the
    news, that can last a life time and may even be handed down to their offspring

  3. the women who was like it happened to me but if I was gunna tell someone I wouldn't wait X amount of years…. even tho she just disclosed (possibly first disclosure) that she was assaulted when she was like 16 and shes prob over 40?????? like I understand the differences in their disclosures but basic logic???

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