Anti-Vaxxers In Texas Would Rather Have Liberty Than Safety (HBO)

Baseless claims about a link between vaccines and developmental disorders have fueled the so called “anti-vaxxer” movement for years now. But in Texas, the anti-vaxxers are motivated by something else: an unconditional commitment to personal freedom—even at the expense of public health. VICE News Tonight correspondent Arielle Duhaime-Ross travels to three cities in Texas to speak with people on either side of this fight.

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24 thoughts on “Anti-Vaxxers In Texas Would Rather Have Liberty Than Safety (HBO)

  1. These people should be rounded up, taken out of the country, and dumped on some random empty island where they can live freely like the mentally handicapped cavemen they are. They are a hazard to normal Americans.

  2. When you decide that your child ought not to be vaccinated you are putting someone, who cant legally consent, at risk of DYING, besides creating a risk to infect others.

    I dont get what's so hard to understand about this.

  3. It is simple, you can go ahead and be anti vax if you want to, it is your right as an American. But when you choose to not vaccinate, your kids will no longer be able to attend public school, receive health care compensation, or gain government assistance in any way.

  4. At the end of the day this world is survival of the fittest, if you get sick and die then guess what?! All that lived is stronger and will pass on the dominant genetics. Making the species stronger.
    seat belts laws are literally illegal my personal safety is not the government responsibility nor are my kids, injecting something into your body that could kill you is stupid! Or cause some other issues. Third we don’t need big schools with 3000 plus kids,To many diseases grouped in one building. Need to go back to old school using wooden schools with kids from neighbor hood and thats it or homeschool. Schools are only staying open due to illegal immigration and thats a fact here in tx.

  5. That woman is criminally stupid…but what's worse is that she won't suffer, her children, and other people's children will… Stupidity on this level has a Darwinian way sorting these windowlickers out.

  6. Remind me not to move to Texas a bunch at Cousin f-ers down there. A good point a few other people are making is “choice to not vaccinate” but “no choice to have an abortion” makes a lot of sense when it comes to P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L.! freedoms! I’m telling you just two generations of inbreeding and this is what you get. At approximately 4:15 I learned that Austin has some of the highest anti-vaccine schools and yet Austin is supposed to be the most progressive. Good god. The world is going to end.

  7. you have the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. unless you're a kid, then you don't get to make the decision, and if your parents don't want you to have it, you're not allowed to take a vaccine that will keep you alive. Freedom!

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