Joe Rogan Experience #854 – Louie Simmons

Louie Simmons is an American powerlifter and strength coach. He is noted for owning a private powerlifting gym, Westside Barbell; developing the ‘Westside Barbell’ method of training and applying it to powerlifting and other sports; and inventing several pieces of strength training equipment.

45 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #854 – Louie Simmons

  1. Loui here talking how he was working out of speed percentages years ago and then you watch thecejudo podcast and his trainer was talking about speed based training and that was the best and newest techniques for training, daaaamn

  2. Crazy. My former Judo and Sambo coach always told us about John Saylor and is a member of his Jiu-Jitsu organization. Had no idea he was affiliated with west side at all. They had a get away ever year to go train with John. I didn't know who the guy was. I'm from Kansas City. My coach was Steve Scott of Welcome Mat Judo club.

  3. Reading some of the commenters here makes me think of people who haven't achieved much of anything and no one knows who they are or anything, but they feel safe and able to criticise those who have done things in their lives, cockroaches criticising eagles. Sheep looking up to eagles and reassuring themselves how safe they re down there but looking out for that eagle.

    If you never want to hurt yourself— never push yourself to your limits on ANYTHING. If you push yourself even with caution sometimes shit happens, not all daring are winers, sometimes you go too far, but how would you know it if you never do it!!

  4. How come Joe never has invited Mark Rippetoe (Starting Strength) to his show?
    … Mark R. is the complement to Louie — They have some interesting but friendly disagreements on some basic exercises and philosophy.
    Repute can be an asshole as a guest, this guy seems a lot friendly.

  5. Bro I'm pissed he gave roids to an Olympic shot putter. I like the things he created when it comes to lifting equipment. But, if you take roids in a sport where it's forbidden you're a pussy, period.

  6. I got my own gym cause I can't stand going to these faggy gyms I work out cause I want to lift weights not go in saunas stair in the mirror go on instagram posting i killed it bunch of jokers

  7. "Steroids are great, I myself am on TRT and had low testosterone although I always ate meat and shit but vegan athletes are all on stuff and because of that there achievements are worthless all of them would have no testosterone and no muscle without stuff"

  8. Louie i think roids fucked up ur brain…. lost respect for this dude… he’s delusional to think that roids dont give an advantage… so all that shit he lifted at 63….. not that impressive since he was juiced..:

  9. Some people have natural advantages with just hard work and dedication. Certain people have access to better so-called steroids that are not organic. It's better for people to be honest with themselves in sports competition.

  10. The thing is certain people will have access to better quality beneficial testosterone steroids than others for quality advantages….overall certain healthy nutrients (not made by man in a lab) are healthier for people….certain synthetic man-made formulas are the ones that are toxic. All testosterone steroids have separate variation quality levels. For example a person that is born taller than somebody in the shorter person wants to have surgery add bone inches to their legs that is not being authentic. is better to be as organic as possible.

  11. It's not that surprising that HGH didn't work for Louie as there's essentially no doubt that his endocrine system is completely screwed up. For the rest of us that haven't been injecting anabolic steroids for nearly half a century it works just fine.

  12. This Guy is nuts! If there is something I have learnt from listening to the Joe Rogan podcast over many yeas, it is that no matter how outstanding someone is in their chosen field, don't take EVERYTHING they say of gospel.

    Case in point – 42:39

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