How A No-Deal Brexit Could Result In Trucking Hell (HBO)

The U.K.’s Brexit plan is in turmoil after Parliament rejected Theresa May’s EU deal this week by a historic margin — leaving both sides with just weeks to avoid economic chaos. With no agreement in place, the default outcome is that the U.K. crashes out of the European Union on March 29.

World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules would apply tariffs and customs charges to the goods moving in and out of the U.K. — meaning trade between U.K. and Europe is likely to turn to gridlock.

That scenario would be felt immediately in the port of Dover, the UK’s main trade gateway to Europe. Currently, trade is seamless, because no border checks even of just a few minutes could lead to tailbacks lasting for several days on Dover-to-France shipping route, where trucks line up to board ferries crossing the English channel.

That would put fresh food and medicinal supplies at risk, while haulage businesses would not be able to guarantee deliveries and prices would likely rise sharply until new trade agreements were put in place.

Eric Mattheeuws is the founder of a fueling and hauling business that relies on cross-border trade. His company makes 100 channel crossings a week and fills up over 1,000 trucks a day at its gas pumps.

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44 thoughts on “How A No-Deal Brexit Could Result In Trucking Hell (HBO)

  1. '''Mr Giscard d'Estaing also admitted that, unlike his original Constitutional Treaty, the Lisbon EU Treaty had been carefully crafted to confuse the public.

    "What was done in the [Lisbon] Treaty, and deliberately, was to mix everything up. If you look for the passages on institutions, they're in different places, on different pages," he said.

    "Someone who wanted to understand how the thing worked could with the Constitutional Treaty, but not with this one."

  2. There's no doubt about it, if Brexit happens, trade will diverge and the usual flow of goods will change. Some production facilities will have to close down and different ones will have to come in their place. Stop crying about it and start preparing for a new world.

  3. As a Canadian I believe it is the duty of all commonwealth nations to help the UK. Our system of government and culture were derived from the British and I believe our countries are much better off because of it. When the time was right they gave us our independence without trouble and I think it's only fair to return the favour and help them regain their independence. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

  4. If people can admit that they voted to leave the EU to regain sovereignty with the knowledge that it would put them at an economic disadvantage then i would be fine with a no-deal brexit, however i doubt many Leave voters truly knew the implications of leaving this trading bloc. I can understand why people voted to leave the EU because there is definitely a democratic deficit in the organisation although it is still probably the most democratic trading bloc in the world. I myself am divided on the issue as it was a problem for me that the commission(essentially the executive) was appointed rather than elected and that it sometimes holds more power than the parliament. Also you sometimes get the sense the european politicians are to far away from the issues at home to truly be representatives. The fact is choosing to be a member of this organisation gives you the benefit of being more economically prosperous but puts you at a disadvantage in terms of sovereignty( unless you count pulled sovereignty) and democracy.

  5. How do Brexiters feel about “no deal” and “controlling our border” today?

    February 2: the U.K. and E.U. are agreeing on visa free travel, and the U.K. will be forced to accept visitors from any of the 27 E.U. countries.

    That’s what happens when unicorns meet project reality. In the real world we need agreements and we cannot decide everything.

  6. Funny how all these so called ‘left behinds’ blame the EU while not putting a single blame on their own politicians who really are useless? The uk started illegal wars which caused the refugees in Europe but that’s okay, who do the people think they are in uk?

  7. So, ray the lorry driver is employed by a eu firm and they don’t pay him for actual hours worked. And due to Brussels being hard work he may have to wait at the border meaning an eu country will lose money and Ray isn’t paid for extra hours. Also a flower shop in Rotterdam May be losing business due to the eu’s need to have customs checks.

    So to summarise, Ray 67 retires like a sane person, and two eu businesses are affected not Britain.
    Britain grows its own flowers and Ray delivers them without getting on a ferry and being underpaid. And we sell the three tons of aluminium to China instead using one of our many ports.

    Britain 3 – 0 EU


  8. Everytime the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is giving a speech, there is a logo with french words on it : "Cursed be he who though ill of that". And "God and my Right"

  9. Oh no not the flowers .! Let's allow in unchecked every undesirable , let's have our laws, our fishing , our industry destroyed and, our very existence governed by unelected fat cats in Europe then because I cannot live without some Dutch flowers it would be disastrous not to have a fresh Tulip in a vase on the table each day ,

  10. The EU has always been more grown up and caring than we ourselves could be! I mean they saved us yet again by banning cannabis oddities and in its place bringing us super healthy Fukushima peach juice! That’s real love….and only 💖 💕 love!

  11. People think immigrants are responsible for the lack of good jobs, so they voted Brexit. In reality, it is mega-corporations buying politicians to pass laws in their favour at the expense of the middle and working classes.

    Brexit was not the solution.

  12. Wouldn't his company's work permit be a waiver? If not giving the job up to a local , there is something called a waiver.

    WTO has mode 4 to allow this.

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