Joe Rogan Experience #1114 – Matt Taibbi

Matt Taibbi is a journalist and author. He has reported on politics, media, finance, and sports, and has authored several books including: Insane Clown President, Griftopia, and The Business Secrets Of Drug Dealing.

42 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1114 – Matt Taibbi

  1. How could we be okay with drug testing for "lower-level" employees, and yet the president and high government people aren't tested? This is unacceptable! I know that prescription pills are legal , but addiction & abuse is a real issue in terms of those who are elected to office.

  2. Anyone who couldnt stand his "uhh" i would love to see in the same situation, speakin in front of potentially 1 mil people Can get anyone nervous, specially when u come unpreppared and with a chill attitude ? I Think i would have done the same shit trying to explain a whole book – give the Guy some space 😐

  3. This podcast had one of the best starts I’ve seen to it. The story about the drug dealer was absolutely fantastic, but damn I get really tired of just hearing Trump for 25 mins after that. I just wish that man wasn’t talked about for so long everywhere I go. Like I get it, he’s hated by half the U.S., but can I just escape politics please? Decent podcast, Rogan.

  4. This guys fine, these sensitive ass snowflakes need to go hide in a hole. If you can't have a legit debate, without turning into a screaming LGBTQ freak. Just shut up, ima vote for Trump again if y'all keep hating, all this hate makes me love Trump 😂

  5. Joe Rogan! I have the man for you! You guys need to have a podcast, he's a IT tech. The guy Knows way more about AI than most can comprehend. has personal shown me insane volnuerabilitys within our government just threw basic stuff! Is there any way I can get you guys in touch? Give it a shot, give him a chance, I think he'd be a fantastic canidate for this podcast, I'm huge fan! Please somehow, get back with me. I'm sure my buddy can find your email address anyways. Give me a shout. Thanks

  6. Trump calling the media "bloodsuckers" is interesting. No other president has been so obsessed with the media or so consumed with his coverage. Trump only exists BECAUSE of the media.

  7. Wow, this one is really really interesting and funny. Very informative too. Great episode of the podcast! Love it! Im only a third of the way through, but i expect it to be a treat even as it goes.

  8. That part about Hunter S. Thompson fucking with Ed Musky about his "ibogaine addiction" was awesome. But forreal there is a real story when it comes to Ted Cruz being the Zodiac Killer, that shit ain't made up.

  9. Wow Matt Taibbi is awesome. I never even heard of this guy before, but this guy is such a chill down-to-earth player in political media. Glad I went back and saw this guy after your Tulsi Gabbard interview.

  10. What the world does not know or appreciate is the Russians upgraded their social operating system to Win10 pro and the west is still in a Jewstified DOS mind mode with floppies. The transfer of the new powerful social operating system was taken to St Petersburg by Barbra Marx Hubbard and Dr. Vernon Wolf.

    The new operating system called Holodynamics is integrity based and explains the wonder Russia is steadily becoming. Top generals were schooled and the technology went from there to the Science Accademy in St. Petersburg, down to the dog catcher level in Siberia. Putin and Lavrov are products of this sytem and they are head and shoulders of the May, Macron Merket ilk.

    Time for some realtime democracy utilizing the inherent wisdom of the masses (see Allen F Kay).

  11. He wrote an entire book about being a multi million dollar drug dealer and never got caught. And decides to talk about it for les than 15 minutes and talk about politics for hour and 45 minutes. Was anyone else upset about that

  12. Him: I’ve known this guy for a life time
    Him a few minutes later: I’ve only known him for 3 or 4 years.
    Hmmm… I wonder who the dealer who “keeps it low profile, and never talks to anyone about it” is…

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