Michel Barnier Is Negotiating Brexit For The 500 Million EU Citizens That Remain (HBO)

The EU AND UK will soon launch the latest round of Brexit talks next week, and one man will be speaking for the 27 remaining countries: Michel Barnier.

The future rights of 500 million citizens and and the world’s most powerful trading bloc are riding on the deal his team brokers with the UK.

Barnier has a reputation as a hardliner, which stems primarily from the strong banking reforms he introduced as the EU internal market commission between 2010 and 2014. And his opponents have seized on that reputation to paint him as a villain in current Brexit talks.

With Brexit’s deadline looming, VICE News sat down with Barnier to discuss the the status of the world’s largest divorce proceedings.

“Right now, I have no certainty,” Barnier tells VICE News. “I can see the difficulty and the intensity of this debate. We’re waiting for the British to have a clear position and choices.”

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24 thoughts on “Michel Barnier Is Negotiating Brexit For The 500 Million EU Citizens That Remain (HBO)

  1. I always thought, and I've just checked, the population of the single market (EU 28) was 512 million. Well without the UK 66 million that doesn't make 500 million for Barnier to negotiate for. The UK has been the third largest part of the single market (after Germany and France) at 13.5% but strangely is the destination for 16% of EU goods – £341 billion in 2017. Could be painful for the EU to lose tariff free to that market.

  2. Congratulations, it looks like the best deal for Britain since defeating the Germans 1945! They do it again! The EU brought actually NOTHING but low growth, desruction middle class businesses in globalisme, poverty in taxslavery, jobloss, insafety unlimited migrants, net wages down due to unlimited Schengen peoples, warmongering with Russia (?), money squandering with south and east Europe, not to mention the shameless cost of the EU publicmoney addictive parasites, losing fishing waters, trade loss depending on EU trade deals which are not good and certainly not complete, opposing to mr. President Trump……and the filth of the EU institute of continental crime goes on and on. The fascist NAZI organisation is actually run by Germany, and busy with the fourth Reich, in which they are succeeding moving up military to Moskou again, chasing away democratic elected presidents like Victor Janoekovitsj! This diabolic evil has to stop. Brexit the language the devil understands!
    OUT… you can do more easy without EU! We don’t need EU. It is only more “government” with who we are put in hostage in Maastricht by OUR idiots!

  3. What about the 120 we british borrowed in the 1940s to liberate europe from the nazis it would in todays money be around 850 billion the english taxpayer had to lay that back not the eu ,the eu as more to loose if we leave not us they need to make a example of any one trying to leave the eu to stop other countries leaving

  4. We will dominant you EU Left wing Liberal Globalist, you are afraid we will become a low tax low tariff country on your door step, we will show the way for more countries to leave the Nazi state of Europe.

  5. The question is what will break up the USA, a rogue general, a rogue president, a rogue corporation, an economic disaster or other? If a corporation creates a factory droid soldiers, it could take over a region. U watch all the USA movies, they say all that can be a propaganda. What if it inspires a future Napoleon and his or her plan is to create it's own kingdom. It's not that far fetch, in today's technology, all u need is manufacturing ability. To him or her, making money is not enough, and they want real power to control the land, food system and people living in their fiefdom. It's already happening, look at in America, where some groups think they know better than anyone else and they should rule – they don't care about what the elections results. An economic disaster may be the catalyst, as the 2008-2009 Lehman Brother brought about change. So another disaster will bring about change.

  6. They leaving to create their own Union. Imagine a new cooperative Union with all the english speaking countries of East US, East Canada and even Australia. I say East USA, because a combine USA will be too lopsided towards the US. But if the US breaks apart, US East will need a business partners to keep it competitive.

  7. If u can have Brexit, u can probably split up the States. Britian's new Cooperative with EastCoast of US and Canada.. The democrats take the EastCoast. The republicans take the South and do a cooperative with Mexico, Central America and 2nd Democrats take the WestCoast with Japan Cooperative. Look the world is being divided into regional groups. U gonna have to start picking which group u want to be in. A British Cooperative with East Coast US n East Canada make sense, they all speak English.

  8. If you all had listened to Cameron in the first place and even tried to help address the concerns of the British then they wouldn’t have voted to leave would they? But same as ever you take no responsibility for that.

  9. A lot of lazy owt for nowt parasites on here . We will get our way with our money and assets despite Maybot or what she signs us up to . …no matter how long it takes . I quite like the idea of a civil war ….

  10. thats exactly what Barnier is NOT doing ! – if he was thinking about the people he would be thinking about businesses supplying into UK – he clearly is not doing that ! – – – EU a bunch of fat pensioned dictators bullying UK who dare to consider leaving EU – just like they did to past countries who tried – – – they are globalist elite eurocrats obsessed with power and hate any sign of sovereignty never considering their people -just want to control all europe with more power – pathetic and very dangerous – – -but they wont stopUK !! – then Italy next –

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