Venezuela Is Stuck In A Tug-Of-War Between Two Presidents (HBO)

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro blamed Donald Trump directly for the political crisis that his country is experiencing, and qualified his support for opposition leader Juan Guaidó a “great provocation.” He then ordered the closure of his country’s embassy and all consulates in the United States, escalating the war of words between the two leaders.

VICE News was on the ground in Caracas, and spoke to Venezuelan citizens about the realities of their country.

“Maduro has violated the constitution along with the other branches, it’s all taken hostage,” said Dilia Ortiz, an independent local merchant who welcomed American and international support for Guaidó, who swore himself in as president Wednesday.

But others stand by Maduro and support the expulsion of American diplomats announced Tuesday. “They need to grab their bags, go north, and leave us alone,” said William Zamora, a federal worker. “As Venezuelans, we solve our own problems,” he added. Luis Montilla, a steelworker, sees the American pronunciation as a violation of their sovereignty, and said, “the United States can’t impose a president on Venezuela… What he did was wrong.”

Despite the economic challenges and political climate in Venezuela, most of the people we talked to agreed that they wouldn’t want to leave their country if they had the chance.

“I believe my nation is the most beautiful country in the world. Nothing else is up to par,” said Zamora. Alina Toledo, a young publicist on the opposite side of the political spectrum said, “I feel like Venezuela still has a lot to give, and it’s better to be here fighting.”

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48 thoughts on “Venezuela Is Stuck In A Tug-Of-War Between Two Presidents (HBO)

  1. Pure propaganda!! Why can't the american people admit that it's because of the blockade of usa?. Why? Oil , Oil , Oil . Congratulations , I hope you can sleep peacefully for being accomplices of another massacre in the world , all for defending the interests of your Elite owners, who also have you as slaves!!

  2. A student, and a single mother with two kids…. I understand that happening in western countries with a stable economy, not a torn down one "where life is tough" this one seems way off. Also, as far as I know, school is free in Venezuela, so that is not a worry for her…. And given the two supporters of Maduro are a Government worker and a steel worker (one gets probably paid well for his work in government, and steel is mostly nationalized in Venezuela) this also seems unbalanced. also, 6 people, in a single city. is that supposed to represent anything?
    Still, this is a coup. I don't see anything good coming from another US led coup in Latin America. we saw what it did in Chile – Ousting a legally elected President by a US backed neo-fascist dictator who imposed fear on the population, claiming people were starving due to Allende's policies, but a day after the coup suddenly the country was prosperous with food. only decades later when the neo-liberal boom back-fired, he started re-regulating and nationalizing and stepped down. Pinochet made his profit, and I predict the same will happen with Guiado.

  3. that's what maduro wants he wants war with the us so russia can invade ukraine because us cant fight to wars im right arent i.hope ur listing mr president ur making big mistake

  4. I am waiting for China ,
    China invested 70 billion dollars on venuz
    And it knew it cant return it , so it decided to take oil from venuz , pay through oil not money as venuz currency sucks ,
    but now new president may create problem for china , and china might lose all money in venz and will lose all influence in SA , as 70 billion is what 50% china invested in whole latin america

  5. Tell me that the old man isn't one of the well kept Maduro followers…. Everyone else is feeding their kids with stray dog meat, while the Maduro cronies are paid for their loyalty.

  6. USA is not equal to any Latin America. USA > Latin America in USA eyes and view and politics will never be equal to. Hence boarder wall. USA should not meddle if a Venezuelan speak of the support of USA it’s because they do not know any better.

    USA share your power Latin America North America Central America. USA is in our soil. In the AmericA soil where most Mexican live in USA and yet they want wall. USA share your intelligence your nuclear power. Share you blue prints of structure of progress.

    USA is not equal to any Latin America USA is the big brother the head of the Americas wanting to meddle in every business without not literally humbling helping. Only interested in overpowering only seeking its best interest. Selfishness

  7. Nicolas Maduro is our legally elected President of Venezuela, and we will support him throughout the country. We will not let the Americans and the traitors of Venezuela take over our country.
    Nicolás maduro es nuestro legítimo presidente electo de Venezuela, lo apoyaremos por todo el país. No permitiremos que los estadounidenses y los traidores de Venezuela apoderen de nuestro país.

  8. The same folks who brought US the war in Iraq are now witholding billions in Venezuelan assets. US, British, and Canadian backed "regime change" creates chaos in which millions immigrate to survive. Iranians, like Venezuelans are hungry due to Western sanctions – seizing Iranian-Ven. assets and blocking Iranian-Ven. commerce.

  9. Vice… Or how you go from skateboarding culture magazine to CIA psy-op and propaganda branch. How a street culture media can ask such questions as "should the US intervene ?" like it's going to be anything but a blood bath and a MAJOR denial of international law. From urban youth revolt to neo-con shill. No wonder one of you guys founded the proud boys.
    I can't begin to enumerates the voluntary ambiguities and false equivalencies of this piece here. And tomorrow you'll do a piece on Widows in Chile, victims of a US backed tyran. There isn't a drop left or humanity in you.
    God damn you. Really.

  10. Shane Smith likes money. That is why he sold Vice to the Obama admin.

    EDIT: obv hyperbole, but read a little about who calls the shots at Vice since the big buy in from MSM.

  11. They should just choose which President will best uphold the will of the corporations. It would be a shame to get a good man killed otherwise, or their country invaded, probably by my country. I can't do anything, as I'm surrounded my fools, frauds and charlatans masquerading as saviors.

  12. I have been helping the poor girl Carlisbeth and her dad for the past year since I saw what is going on over there in Venezuela…. it is ridiculous… can’t help but feel bad for these ppl.

  13. Dictator and his puny army. Democracy has gone for a toss. this Maduro don't stand a chance to be an elected president. This ahole is a disgrace. And will do any thing to grab his seat. He had destroyed the hole economy. Well people should kill him and hang his body if they have to fight for Thier right.

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