Joe Rogan Experience #724 – Christina Sommers

Christina Sommers is an author and former philosophy professor known for her writings about feminism in contemporary American culture.

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  1. Christina cracks me up every time she's about to criticize someone and says: I'm not going to name this person… and then she says the full name, hahahahaha!!!!!! But in all seriousness I love her, she has a nice balanced perspective of things and she is a good rep for feminists

  2. Christina clearly hasn't read those studies closely. As a computer scientist, I think she doesn't get the actual situation in tech. Even James Demore pointed out that there are ways the tech industry could be more inclusive. Although, I agree with her points on boys.

  3. After over six decades on the planet, please don't ask me to take women doctors or lawyers seriously when my experience is they don't even take themselves seriously. I have no idea what their mind is on… but it sure ain't their job. Men often live to work whereas women work to live. Patients and clients benefit or suffer, accordingly.

  4. It won't be long before a man maintaining eye contact with a woman, for too long (whatever that might mean and by who's measure, exactly) will be considered a sexual assault. Mark my words.

  5. Wiccans can be witches. But there are others who will not necessarily consider themselves witches. Same vice versa. Am glad to hear there were fellow Wiccans who were siding with Christina. 👍

  6. Her vocabulary and the way she effortlessly dispenses these seldom used phrases is just fantastic! Really boosted my level of respect for her, which was already very good. Examples; fanciful, chauvinism, arcane, dilettante

  7. 11:25 in my experience and observation the 10 to 15% influenced usually have a history of depression, anxiety or eating disorders prior to arriving at the somewhat convenient theory that their issues are really external and caused by the patriarchy. They conclude that society must take the blame for their ills.

  8. ACLU is not a great organization. They are a group of self hating Jewish men going after men speaking truth about race and gender. They are urging the eradication of white men and are the scourge of the planet!

  9. 2:47:35 Joe, about JFK's head snapping back in the Zapruda film. You know that a fighter's head jerks back in the opposite direction after being hit. I've paid attention ever since I heard you comment about that on a fight. A huge hit will often result in the head thrusting one way and then jerking back to the opposite side.

  10. There is money on the right but more money in tech. Tech will take your job . and you are fighting to keep the power where it is. Guess what are you going to be ? A usless human. Then you will cry… why didnt I fight when I could why did I listen to rogan when he was bs about trans rights and feminism

  11. I'd say rape is better defined as unwanted sex. Drunk people can willingly have sex. Teenagers can willingly have sex. Neither can "consent" because they're not at what we call the right state of mind.

  12. Women want men to suffer as much as they've suffered. It's not rocket science. I think revenge feminism should be just called what it is. Women are angry. Women are vengeful. It's not right, but it's amusing to watch.

  13. The problem with Sommers is that she maintains this totally reasonable demeanor and a matter-of-fact way of speaking, but she is constantly strawmanning her opponents to the point where it is hard to think of her as expressing an honest viewpoint. This thing where she calls herself a feminist but also cannot offer a reasonable explanation of very simple and common feminist concepts (like patriarchy, microaggressions, or the wage gap) is one of the saddest displays of intellectual malpractice that I have ever seen.

    Very simply: patriarchy is not a "conspiracy theory," it is just the thing we call the situation in which most political and economic power in society rests with men. Men occupy most positions of power in most institutions and have most of the wealth, and as a result the design of these institutions favors men. But this doesn't mean that all of the men in all of these institutions are malicious or set out to disenfranchise women. Sommers herself points out that when you have an institution which is primarily run by women – like elementary education – the design of the institution can inadvertently end up favoring girls. So calling that situation a "war on boys" isn't a conspiracy theory, but calling the reverse situation "patriarchy" is? That's just intellectually lazy, at best.

    Microaggressions have nothing to do with intent. Microaggressions are things which are intrusive but minor – commenting on someone's appearance, presupposing something about someone based on their gender or race – that become a problem when they add up to produce a hostile or exclusionary climate.

    The feminist critique of the wage gap includes the idea that it is unfair that women are penalized in wages/salaries for taking time off for family, and the idea that jobs like "elementary school teacher" – which are at least as important as being an ice fisher or whatever Sommers was talking about – should bring in wages comparable to the wages men make as engineers or computer scientists. We could point out that in countries like Finland where teachers are paid a lot more you also get much better educational outcomes for the population as a whole. Sommers cites "market forces" as the reason for this but of course elementary school teacher salaries are set by states, and in general there is no reason that we can't criticize the outcome of "market forces" as being unfair. Anyone except a hardcore libertarian would accept that the government should have some role in constraining market forces to produce fairer social outcomes – for example, when we tax very wealthy people in order to pay for food for poor children.

    Sommers doesn't ever really address the substance of her critics' ideas – she just very calmly and reasonably misrepresents, caricatures, and demeans her opponents. She makes stuff up like "feminist dance therapy" as a university major and cites that as the reason why women aren't paid as much as men. And then when asked why people disagree with her – it's not because people can have a variety of ideas, no, it must be because their parents didn't raise them right or because they've been indoctrinated with propaganda.

    For a philosophy professor, Sommers' ability to engage with ideas is remarkably shallow. She knows next to nothing about feminism and doesn't care to rectify her ignorance – which is fine – but then she goes on YouTube and preaches about how feminism has been "stolen" – which is fraud. It's one thing to be an intellectually incurious regressive hack – hell, I think Ann Coulter's fun to watch – but at least Ann Coulter is honest about who she is.

  14. To suggest that MRA's are all women-haters is just Feminist propaganda. To care about men's lives is not about hating women at all. Sure there are men who have been badly burnt but even that doesn't make them all women haters. Educate yourself please Joe. Read Warren Farrell, for example.

  15. The thing about reading, I have an example for from my personal experience in school from (31yo by now). In 6th and 7th grade I had a teacher in german class (I'm german btw) who had us read fantasy novels to read that only appealed to the girls in class, i.e. the girls loved it, all the boys threw it in the bin as soon as we finished it. (In fact, I gave them to my Mum and even she said, that they were boring as hell)
    Then in 8th grade I had an actual feminist teacher who let us read a novella by the name of Twelve, which is about teenagers. drug addiction, violence and the like, and everyone liked it. That's what actually got me into reading. A later teacher gave us "The lost honor of Katharina Blum, or: how violence develops and where it can lead" by Heinrich Böll and because it was so realistic and also painstakingly sarcastic (especially for a german audience, it was written by a german after all. Actually written about the german red brigades scare of the 70s, and a specific german yellow press newspaper) it got me into higher literature. So yeah, just give people stuff they like for an entry level and they'll follow it.

  16. I like how they mention people overreacting to the drawings of little boys. I, once, drew a stupid cartoon of a stick figure shooting another and was punished by a teacher. This girl in the class was pissed off at me for some reason and ratted me out to the teacher. I almost got sent home for that, but luckily I wasn't. They tried to say I was threatening that girl, or something like that, even though it was a completely made up and stupid drawing. And that was like 15 years ago. I can't imagine how bad it must be for kids in school, now.

  17. God! I love her! I first read her work in a philosophy class in college. I was extremely fortunate to have a traditionalist for a philosophy teacher. He had the class read her essay, "Philosophers Against the Family," in which she shows how morally fucked up their arguments are.

  18. Okay, since consuming alcohol and having sex means that you were raped, all college men that had sex while drunk should report being raped by the female. Maybe that will show them. Besides, females can’t handle themselves when drunk, but males are supposed to be 100% responsible for a heinous crime? #liberallogic

  19. Did joe have toothache or get smacked in the mouth around the time of this video? he's got some weird drooping on the bottom left of his mouth … like bell's palsey or something

  20. Her terms are so accurately descriptive that I shake my head and wish I had twenty more points of IQ and had gotten a better education although I was fulfilled doing exactly what I wanted, although the outdoor activities, ranching oil drilling equipment repair are tragically dangerous. I saw more accidents and many of them fatal as there are no desks and handrails on the mountains and racetracks and around a bulldozer. Getting in a pen of wild animals that outweigh you by a factor of 10 which can break ribs hips arms in a heartbeat. But excitement was there for the thrill of facing death and surviving to enjoy a cold beer and a hot steak for supper.

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