Joe Rogan Experience – Fight Companion – March 12, 2017

Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen, and Eddie Bravo to watch the fights on March 11, 2017.

23 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience – Fight Companion – March 12, 2017

  1. I like how Joe describes his karate comps as "fighting" he wants that clout so bad lol you're not a fighter Joe you were too pussy to be one you got shook from karate n amateur kick boxing at the lowest level lol

  2. Secret service agent "Clint Hill" (the man who road on back of JFKs Lincoln when he was shot) said jackie was trying and did grab President Kennedys brain matter. When "Brian" says "they say jackie was tryna grab his brain matter Joes douche ass says "no they didnt, no she didnt, they didnt say that" trying to tell people what to think or forcing them to believe what his joker ass believes. Well joes that secret service agent you pointed out stated that jackie was in fact trying to retrieve the presidents brain matter.

  3. Terrible idea with the basketball court fight ring. Fighters would step out of bounds like run away, be boring as shit with all that space. And if someone gets dazed they are just going to step out of the lines to get their head right and than it's unfair for the fighter who hit him. The cage keeps the fighters from escaping in danger situations. With no cage open area and just painted lines that big would be boring and always having to get re centered. Even if u deduct a point for intentionally stepping out. The guy who is rocked gets his head right and than maybe knocks out his opponent. Where that would have never happened if he didn't intentionally step out or was in a cage. Follow?

  4. If the bullet had enough force to blow out the back of his skull of course the bullet sent his head back and to the left. Your skull doesn't just pop open without force so that force generated to pop out the back section of his head is what carried his head back to the left. Was not a spasm. Too much force and bone and meat flying for his head to not react to the impact. Therefore shot from the front. Lee might have hit him in the neck, why he hunches over holding throat, back up shooter noticed the missed kill shot and finishes the job from the front angle. Jackie grabs a piece of her husband's head in shock like trying to put the pieces back together. Don't think she was trying to flee. The perfect bullet is insane. Def was a planned attack with multiple shooters and numerous ppl involved.

  5. MY GOD THE GORRILLA WOULD WIN a 6 foot gorilla can be 500 frickin pounds and have you seen what they can do??? the one from 1933 would literally throw a world war 1 tank 6 feet and your asking what a godzilla sized KONG WOULD DO?? screw breathing fire he would jump right through that shit JOE!!! common man you know this!!! i think the 60 foot KONG still crushes godzilla

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