Joe Rogan Experience #1009 – James Damore

James Damore is a former Google Senior software engineer, who was recently fired by Google after an internal memo he wrote about its diversity policies was leaked online.

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  1. 18:59 Let's just call the whole thing off! And stop! Just stop with the labelling. Stop with the pigeon-holes. The egregious aspect, for me, is that I expected more, and better, from Google — where did all the teaching from Eckhart Tolle land? 45:38 Google could redeem itself by just coming out and saying: "Sorry James … We had an uncalled for, knee-jerk, over-reaction … Forgive us … Please come back … We made a mistake." "Don't be Evil" is a burden of a company motto! Because, the human brain does not truly compute "not". (How long does it take to teach a child what "no" means?) Quite perversely, then, the brain would be working towards: "(Do) Be Evil!"

  2. This idiot of Rogan admits that "men are grose" and if he were a woman he wouldn´t want to work with men in an office. YOU JUST ADMITTED THAT THERE IS sexism and mistreating of women. So why so much fuss trying to deny what you yourselves already admitted?

  3. What's so hard to understand. More dudes are computer geeks than women. More women want to be runway models than men. More women like to do certain things and more men like to do certain things. We dont like the same shit! You damn sure dont her and women or sjws bitching about the NFL. That what we need to do. Make every single goddam profession have to have 50% woman. That means every nfl team has to have 50% females. And I dont want to hear any crying when Ray Lewis or Cam Chancellor lays out some chick going over the middle for a pass , and they get hit so hard their boobs explode. What in the actual fvck is wrong with this world.. 🤦‍♂️

  4. This guy got canned for trying to solve a problem – not for denying the problem or victim blaming. The first step to solving a problem is identifying the cause. He's taking an engineer's approach and trying to solve it. Rather than simply disagree and say, "We think it's something else," they accuse him of being sexist. Saying that women might be attracted to different jobs doesn't amount to victim blaming. If he's right, then Google will never achieve the diversity it claims to want, because anyone who identifies the root of the problem gets canned.

  5. The irony is that James Damore was the least "sexist" of all of us. He was the only person in the company to underestimate the distribution of neuroticism (sensitivity to negative emotion), conformity, and empathising in the human population, and the intellectual terrorism it enables (all to cover for a low intelligence diversity theory derived by a ponzi scheme masquerading as an academic discipline).

  6. rac·ismDictionary result for racism/ˈrāˌsizəm/nounnoun: racismprejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

  7. in my country (Iran) universal basic income has been tried and still rolling. guessing what happened, inflation rise skyrocket. our currency is now worth as shit. cost of living almost got tripled over the last decade where peoples’ income just raised 20% at its best. what i really think of joe rogan (that i respect him a lot he inspired me a lot in my life) , mostly ignorant rather than shifty when it comes to politics and economics
    much love❤️

  8. These random activists within google   sound like the political czars within the old Soviet Union company's that would turn you in for thinking the wrong way. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn explained it so well in  this fine books.

  9. Women aren't held back in ANYTHING. If they aspire to work in tech, or @ Google one day, awesome. I'll personally bake them a diarrhea cake🍰. But, as the old saying goes. " You cannot fit a round peg into a square hole." So Quit trying to appease the SJW's ! So what, I don't care if circus midgets and midgets ONLY ran Google, it's a great site so I'll use it! If it's not then I won't! End of story

  10. I love James Damore's outlook here. He gets it, and not in a hateful way, in a LOGICAL way. I applaud his guts in being logical in the face of an ideological war.

  11. Labeling a white person something solely based on their skin color, isn't prejudiced Joe. It's racist. However calling every liberal/leftist a fucking retard would be prejudiced. …unless it can be proven true.

  12. I remember when this story was current. I was excited to see JUST HOW BAD this memo was, that Google fired the guy who wrote it. After all the hype surrounding it, I had to ask myself the question, "if I am not seeing the sexism in this memo, does that mean I AM SEXIST???"

    It got worse than that.

    When I was an undergrad, I took a graduate level course as a computer lab assistant. I figured, "why not get CREDITS for completing my Comp. Sci. assignments?" But, I would stop whenever another student needed help. A young woman was one of the few who asked for more than just X-Windows/UNIX-command assistance. She wanted help with a programming assignment. She picked up few advanced concepts rather quickly, and EVEN came up with an idea I realized I could use for my assignment. So, I asked her what year Comp. Sci. major is she. She replied, "Oh, I'm not a computer nerd. I'm just doing this to fill a requirement for my Business Management degree. No offense." I discussed the starting salaries some friends had gotten with Comp. Sci. degrees, and told her that I started as a Physics major, but switched to Comp. Sci. (which had been my minor). But, she remained unconvinced that she had aptitude in Comp. Sci.; the STIGMA of "computer nerd" seemed to be the deciding factor for her.

    I used my experience with Mathematics and Economics to test her business knowledge. Unfortunately, she was completely competent there as well. So, I stopped trying to convince her to explore Comp. Sci.

    I had similar experiences with LESS QUALIFIED male students. All they cared about was, "PAID* INTERNSHIPS??? $40K-$100K/year to START?!? Who do I see to switch to switch majors?"

    Here is the "reverse-racism" of my experience… my anecdote is about a young, WHITE woman. I've worked with quite a few women programmers during my career… every one of which was Indian, Asian, Pakistani, Russian, or Iranian.

    * IT internships were (usually) PAID internships… in 1996.

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