Educators Say Oklahoma Teacher Salary Increase Bill Is Too Little Too Late (HBO)

This past Monday night, the Oklahoma House of Representative passed House Bill 1010 and raised taxes for the first time in 28 years.

Much of the revenue will go to fund Oklahoma’s schools and raise teacher salaries by an average of $6,000 a year. On Wednesday night, with the threat of a mass teacher walkout looming over their heads, Oklahoma’s senate ratified the bill and put it on the desk of Governor Mary Fallin who, in a joyous press conference, said there would be a “signing party” on Thursday.

The bill was supposed to avert the teacher walkout that has been in the works since this past September when teachers in Bartlesville, Oklahoma began seriously thinking about drastic action to increase funding to an education system that has seen drastic cuts in per-pupil funding and a ten year freeze on teacher salaries.
That movement kicked into full gear after the West Virginia teacher strike in late February and early March — tens of thousands of teachers in Oklahoma began planning for a work stoppage.

After Fallin declared victory in the Capitol, leaders from Oklahoma’s teachers unions began releasing statements saying the bill, which met teacher demands about halfway, had not gone far enough.
VICE News was with a group of educators in Bartlesville as they heard the news from the Capitol.

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46 thoughts on “Educators Say Oklahoma Teacher Salary Increase Bill Is Too Little Too Late (HBO)

  1. Correct me if I'm wrong : the avg median income in ok is $49176 the avg teacher income is $45276 with summer and winter vacations off. Even office workers have to take work home thesedays. According to that the avg teacher gets paid 26.47% more than the median income in ok. With the pay raise, the it increases to 43.5%.

  2. ooops! What they actually did was give an AVG of 6k! actually most teachers who have been teaching for less than 20 years will get less than 40$ a paycheck. nice

  3. Teachers who teach government to the kids apparently don't know that states can't print money like the Feds. They also are totally clueless about unfunded pension liabilities.

  4. 🎩 off to these teachers remember dangerous mind the movie yeah they were probably talking about future that’s how schools look today

  5. Im from Hungary and Im a teacher with a MSc degree in two subjects teaching these subjects in a foreign language. Im earning 470 USD a month. Renting a room per month costs me 500 USD with bills. Im working after school for hours (second job) to earn enough money to buy food.
    Im glad Vice is in OK to show these teachers have a voice.

  6. Maybe if Rep stopped handing free money to oil and gas companies you would find the funding. Amazing what you could pay for when you tell someone like the Koch brothers sorry we wanna funding our education and future for our kids not your greedy selfish empire.

  7. Thanks to these greedy teachers some parents are losing their jobs because they have to stay home from work to take care of thier kid(s). I'm in Oklahoma and saw this happen to a few parents already. Plus salvation army in Tulsa Oklahoma has closed thier doors because all the kids show up wanting something to eat. I saw this on the news

  8. This is what you get when Republicunts are in charge. They'll always have time, energy, and money to give tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations. Never for anything else. They could raise taxes on gas, oil, cigarettes and legalize weed. Problem solved. Republicunts want to destroy public schools and keep people stupid.

  9. I was a supporter of Fallin before this, but how she has handled this situation disgust me. Mary Fallin needs to go!!! Our State Government is beyond incompetent. Mary Fallin isn't even a Oklahoman!!! She's from Missouri!!! My mother is a teacher and her class room is so outdated cause the school has no money because Funding for schools was cut by 3 Billion in the last 3 years alone!

    Mary Fallin has to go!! The Teachers have their right to strike!!!

  10. GET SMARTER! One of you Investigator Reporters? FOLLOW THE LOTERY MONEY!!! IT!!! Is!11 NOT!!! GOING TO THE EDUCATION BUDGET LIKE IT IS SUPOSE TO! That Goes For EVERYT!!!!! STATE WITH A LOTTERY!!!! NONE!!!! OF the States lottery Funds Are Being Directed To Education NOE OF THEM!!! Only EXTREMELY Small Percentages! CHECK ON IT! it Will NOT!!!! Be A waste of your time and money! ALL of them are guilty of it! Eveyr single State!

  11. The OK legislature passed 1010 (teacher raises) without fully funding it. The problem is they have to actually raise taxes to do it, and the republicans that control the state legislature are extremely anti-tax. They have already removed some of the funding that was left and plan to cancel all of the tax increases with a vote in November.

  12. Gonna privatize education folks……parents gonna pay for their child to be educated… more FREE STATE funded anything……..better to homeschool and do the job themselves. Odd though …….no people of color were on the Public Education Advocate . People of color have always voiced the low wages regardless of the profession, but nothing is really ever said about that…..many live within their means. Could that be the case…many are living beyond their pay?

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