Joe Rogan Experience #1171 – Nick Yarris

Nick Yarris is a writer and professional speaker who spent 22 years on death row after being wrongly convicted of murder. His books ‘The Fear Of 13, Countdown To Execution’ as well as ‘The Kindness Approach’ are available on Amazon and via

50 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1171 – Nick Yarris

  1. All the nay sayers on here make me physically sick. Who gains anything from lying about this shit? Who wants millions of people thinking THIS stuff is their truth the horrible shit this guy has been through. I hope Nick continues to thrive and the haters have to sit there and deal with their miserable fucking existences.

  2. A true testament to the fact that we can control the outcome of any situation through our minds. The US judicial/prison system is fucked. I know ppl who've spent merely 3 years in prison and emerged completely gone mentally. Instead of tearing this man down. Take notes, be kind, live love. Don't let those who are full of hate and fear instill those views on you…read a "A Man's Search for Meaning" if you think you're having a rough go sitting in your heated homes with a full belly knowing where your loved ones are and that they're safe and healthy. #onelove

  3. It’s amazing at how fast he can sell his story in 15 minutes until questions start. Everything in his life is horrible and bad, he feels that the world owes him something and that everything that somebody did to him was always bad never good.

  4. Hands down one of the most powerful, emotional and influential stories I've ever seen, not just on YouTube but any platform, hell in life at all. I have the utmost respect for this man.

  5. I have no words. The shit this man endured and came out the other side to be who he is,… Just, damn,… Outstanding show guys, out fook'n standing!

    But Joe, maybe due to who you were sitting across from, whatever, at abouy 1 hour mark your description of the idiots on the internet was the most articulate I recall hearimg to date. Could you separate that into a short clip? It needs to be heard, too many good people worry way too much about the opinions of idiots online.

  6. Most of the people labeling this incredibly strong dude as 'a pathological liar' and such, simply haven experienced even a fraction of the pain life can inflict on one's mind. The bit about seeing pain in Joe's eyes when hes talking to him is real. That's raw consequences of seeing and dealing with real shit. I've never heard a more unfortunate chain of events and truly can see how big a heart this guy has, which is reflected by so many small things he said. Truly astonished by his will power to survive. Inspiring. The truth is it comes down to one of those key aspects of life where people who have experienced pain so deep, and been taken down to such deep dark places, that only others who have had even a taste of what that life is like could understand. Ya'll being negative, this man would be the first person to step in and go out of his way if he saw you suffering, stranger or not.
    Inspiring Nick, I hope this gives strength to others, you're incredible.

  7. This is the first podcast I’ve ever watched from Joe and it was definitely a very interesting one to say the least. Anyone who spends 22 years in prison and comes out with a positive outlook on life is mind blowing. I will agree with some of the comments that something does seem a little off about him, but he has experienced a lot of traumatic events in his life so we all have to take that into consideration. I do hope he gets his life together and can at least spread his message of being able to come out of a horrible situation with your head held high. He obviously has a lot of demons he still needs to come to terms with, but his message is still inspiring.

  8. I have cried 2 times since I became 10 years old. At my cousins wake a Month ago and while watching a video of my late grandfather and late grandmother, who I never got to meet while being able to regain any memories of them. They were all beatifull, Loving people, who passed away quite young. Otherwise I have not been emotional in over 7 years. This mans story has brought me to near tears. It is making me want to be a better Person, someone who is able to be proud of the man he is.

    I apologize if I have any errors in my english, it isn't my first language. Have a grand 'ol day. :3

  9. Dude I've been shot, stabbed, strangled, run over by a car, hung myself, two drug overdoses and had a cannibal try and murder me for 2 solid years – Said no one else, ever.

  10. 40:25 dude I swear to god i had a year when I was on pain killers everyday for a year straight, few years back, where I was predicting thinks that were coming true, mostly in my dreams. Alot of it was maybe just deja vu, but 2 times I swear on my now 2 year old son's life, my boys life, that both of those dreams came true days/weeks/a month later. The ONE TIME, I swear on my son's life, my mom's life, anything, I dreamt a part of the reality, woke up a month later, and it happened. It was the next freakiest 2 days of my life It felt like I was on LSA (ive experimented with that before and it gave me a kind of glow that that drug had given me)

    Fucking freaky dude @Nick Yarris GoodisGoingToWin

  11. Not trying to troll and I think your great but at times you do come off as pretty self absorbed at times. And I don’t even think you are and I know that’s not who you are. I think your extremely genuine and are coming from a good place. I just see why people would try to troll you which is bullshit because you don’t deserve it. I don’t even have any suggestions on what you could do differently but I’m sure youll figure it out. And hey if not fuck them. Keep spreading positivity. Philly too all love.

  12. This is completely random, and I have a LOT of respect for Nick Yarris, but

    If you stare directly at the centre of his forehead when he talks, he looks exactly like Zinedine Zidane!

  13. Not a comfortable podcast to watch. Having trouble believing anything other than he was wrongly convicted. Very manipulative. I am very conflicted on a few levels listening to this

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