Syria’s Unending Rebel Conflict: Wolves of the Valley

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2013 was a bad year for the Syrian rebels. While the mainstream rebels struggled to defend their frontlines from the resurgent Assad regime, a renegade al Qaeda offshoot, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), launched a series of assaults on the formerly-dominant FSA brigades from behind, capturing their strongholds in rebel-held northern Syria and executing their commanders. Now the rebels are fighting back.

A coalition of former FSA brigades, funded by Saudi Arabia and rebranded as the Syrian Revolutionaries Front (or SRF), launched a surprise offensive against ISIS in the spring of 2014, in a campaign supported by both the Saudi and US governments. VICE News was the first western TV crew into Northern Syria for 6 months, embedding with the SRF as they reimposed their rule over the country’s northwestern Idlib province. What we witnessed was a brief window into a complex and morally ambiguous conflict with no end in sight.

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28 thoughts on “Syria’s Unending Rebel Conflict: Wolves of the Valley

  1. هههههه ضحكتني ابو شعرات ياكلب كيف عم تقول بتحترم الاديان وبنهاية المقطع عم تحكي عن الشيعة ليش الشيعة مو اسلام تفه عليكم

  2. هههههههه عنجد شي بضحك وك متلكم متل داعش في الاف المقاطع بثتبت انكم اخوة داعش بتقطيع الرؤوس والتنكيل بالجثث والاعدام بالرصاص

  3. مااكذبكم يامنافقين شفنا كذبكم واجرامكم تفه عليكم انتم هم الكفار شفنا سكاكين على رقاب المسلمين

  4. 7:38
    Its obvious USA support these guys and support ISI*
    And this war will stop when USA and the Eroup countries stop supporting it

    But because they want to steal the oil from their they will not stop supporting it until the oil finish, in that time they will not gain from the war so they will stop support it, then it will end any second

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