Trump’s Feud With China Is Already Hurting American Farmers (HBO)

Farmers believe they’re the collateral damage in President Trump’s escalating battle with China over trade.

China’s threatened tariffs on more than 100 U.S. goods — including soybeans, corn, and cotton — are already impacting crop prices, even though they haven’t yet been implemented, and for many growers planting season is just starting.

After China made the announcement two weeks ago, soybean prices plummeted, upending farmers’ budgets for the coming year. One of them, Illinois farmer Steve Fricke, told VICE News the tariff standoff could reduce his gross income by 20 percent. He said his expenses would remain the same, so his take-home income from the small farm, typically at least $60,000 a year, could be cut by more than two-thirds.

“As we look at that field, we just know how many dollars of loss that is going to be this fall,” Fricke said, pointing to the field where he’ll plant his soybean crop over the next month.

“We still have to plant [the soybeans], but we just know we’re not gonna come out ahead,” Fricke said.

Beyond a threatened trade war with China, farmers have been worried about Trump’s other trade policies such as exiting the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement and renegotiating NAFTA, Fricke said.

“Agriculture sometimes is at odds with some of the economy in our country, so we knew that we were going to have to pay some price. We just don’t want to pay the whole price,” he said.

But he remains a Trump supporter — for now. Fricke said he’s hoping Trump will listen to farmers and find a solution before the trade fight, and farmers’ fortunes, get worse.

“I just emailed the president and all our representatives today about, you know, let’s be careful how we think about doing this, because we were already in a difficult situation in agriculture right now. We don’t need it to be worse,” he said.

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26 thoughts on “Trump’s Feud With China Is Already Hurting American Farmers (HBO)

  1. JUST THANK THE PRIOR ADMINISTRATIONS AND RHINO / DEMOCRAT SWAMPS THAT GAVE CHINA THE RED CARPET THAT IS KILLING OUR U.S.A ! THATS A MAJOR PROBLEM because past administrations HAVE NOT EVER levied Tariffs against CHINA for printing and manipulating their currency on the backs of American BONDS and U.S. Citizens aching backs. Also other 3rd world countries buying their stuff. WHY SHOULD THEY GET A PASS ( we will have another depression because U.S.A wont be competitive world wide with a mass CHEATER like CHINA ) China is such a mass promoter in genocide , environmental infractions & spreading their borders out claiming international waters, but hey since the DEMOCRATS love the EAZY PEAZY by getting consumables CHEAP. It will continue to bump up CHINA, and DEMOCRATS have never been about life or CHINAS HUMAN life infractions, or CHINAS environment bleed over, I GUESS THE PAYOFF FITS THEIR MONTRA ( Dont let a CRISIS go to waste, just become a ANTI american cheap China product opportunist ) As long as we get real cheap stuff and cut our own throats – ( MAKES ME PUKE ) its the whole reason people / FARMERS are PREPPING. As long as the countries POOR = MIDDLE CLASS continue buying at WALMART and other places like AMAZON , TRACTOR FARM SUPPLY and HARBOR FREIGHT, your just HELPING the CHINESE communists and DEMOCRATS take over our Country monetarily and Ethically. Be a real PATRIOT, promote U.S.A goods. ALSO THE GOV. SHOULD STEP IN TO HELP THE FARMERS WHO SELL TO CHINA.WE NEED MORE TARIFFS ON CHINESE & INDIA GOODS or our country will fail just like in 1929'S DEPRESSION. GOOGLE, Walmart, Amazon, bangood FACEBOOK & YOUTUBE etc. need to close for good. Bring back previous forced closures of Mom and Pop stores that the OBAMA admin forced out. We are edging to P.O.N.R. with people supporting CHINA whos altering currency ,horrific human sufferage & genocide / environmental crimes vs US American Bonds and our economy . WAKE UP AMERICAN PEOPLE ! Where the hell are the values that Made America Great ? MAKE SURE YOU VOTE TRUMP IN 2020. CHINA and UNITED STATES DEMOCRATS are TODAYS NAZI REGIME, watch these videos. MARK ZUCKERBERG SUPPORTS CHINA 100%


    and last but not least WHERE WE ARE HEADED IF YOU DONT VOTE FOR TRUMP IN 2020


  2. People want to make an example out of the farmers and have them to admit they were wrong about Trump. The only thing they were wrong about is America's future. Their false sense of hope about MAGA meaning agriculture will once again be the backbone of America. Nevertheless, it was a hope for a brighter future. No one should be shamed for having hope, especially when that hope is crushed.

  3. The truth is agriculture consists a very small percentage of the America's GDP. It's an uncomfortable truth because there is so much "American" in agriculture and therefore a blasphemy to dismiss the industry. To the politicians, dismissing agriculture would be like dismissing social security recipients. It's a subject they prefer not to deal with post election because there is no upside to it, yet they will pay just the right amount of attention during election in order to entice the voters of these two groups. My point is, the left can call out the farmers for supporting Trump and therefore dug their own grave. However, the truth is the industry has been dying slowly and with Clinton it would just continue to die slowly as Americans, left or right, have abandoned American farmers long ago. With Trump, they were hoping for a miracle or a spark that could somehow reverse the course.

  4. Trump's inner feeling; make China great again all his shitty things are now leading more and more publisity to how cheap Chinese goods are. For instance, most Americans don't know what Hawai is until the arrest of its CFO, but now every middle class family is thinking about dumping Apple products for Hawai.

  5. Look…… this is why if I was in farming I would spend more than 20 hours in course work or research in Hedging strategies with futures contracts. Many, many farmers have been wise enough over there years to look into and employ these plans to save their profits from getting hammered. Its to bad people don't think like that. I don't like your presentation its really, really shallow. Everyone must get wiser in any kind of economy.

  6. None of us are exempt from the circumstances we must encounter to bring the “change” theU.S. Is undertaking. Had we a stronger political government in the past, the efforts wouldn’t be as concerning. We are where we are because of our latencies! Our personal strengths within have also diminished as we take so much for granted!

  7. What the hell does this idiot Trump know about farming? He doesn't grow anything but his bank account, PLUS he doesn't even eat organic food and he can afford it! He is ignorant to the needs of farmers, and he lacks any sense of #balance between helping the farmers to make money while maintaining the #integrity of the community #spirit.

  8. How the News Media MOVES possessively, to direct the American People to think a particular way, in relation to crooked politics…  You had no problem with Donald Trump when he first stepped into Office, now that it's time for another Candidate from off the UN approved list, now your paving the way for American's to find favor in someone else, with the 2020 Elections not far away.   Well, I have news for you… I'm the 2020 Candidate, not going through the Electoral System, that they do not have to pretend to hate, and I am not friend of Internationalists, least of all to the United Nuisance of which I will be pulling America out of, and ceasing all funding to the United Nothing!  Should the American People approve of me!

    Briefly…  What I am about, and the changes I wish to make…
    Go to Google, type in Harold McBroom In Reverence to Thee click obvious link (compare profile picture), once page loads, click on Candidate Harold J. McBroom

    If you agree with what you read…

    I don't need you're money, and giving it to them will not solve American Problems!   Opening my mouth hasn't cost me any money, nor does it cost you any money to open your ears!

    1) Where ever there is a political discussion, I need the topics I stand for discussed.  My voice doesn't have to be  present, because I represent YOUR voice.  As long as your talking about what YOU want, and my name comes up, then they can connect the dots that I am, have always been, and shall continue to be, a man for the People, and I will tell you right now… I despise Globalism, Internationalism, and Capitalism that has brought this country on the brink of ruin, and if this is where their esteemed university educations and intellect has gotten us, it's high time we had someone stupid in Office, and from what I've been told often, on the Internet, I'm more than qualified.   I don't have to be as smart as them, because I have no intention of  running this Country alone, when it takes a Nation of Minds for America to exist!

    Together we can kick these Globalists out of our Government, that want to take your guns away, not because they are dangerous, but because they want a weak America…  And they will continue to kill kids, and instigate actions until you give them what they want, the only option we have, is NOT 1776… I know the American People, they do not want to be late for work money morning ,lest they lose their jobs, and their homes and lives follow shortly thereafter.    It's so much easy to open your mouth and let hot air come out, but the action, American's leave to some other victim, whose name ends up on the front page news, scandalized!

    That's a hard pill to swallow, but isn't it the truth!   You start showing off yor guns, let me tell you, the United Nations has a hidden Army, the likes of which is powerful enough to walk into any Nation and take it over!   Why do you THINK American's have been dying doing the job that Nato should have been doing?  Because they have been weakening us from the very start, whilst themselves, they've been strengthening!

    Harold J. McBroom
    9421 Mixon Dr #246
    Dallas Tx 75220

  9. Engineers, doctors, teachers and so on move to new careers in bad times maybe do as we do too! Guess what you guys get to sit home with your family why we have to go to work I guess now you will see what we go through!

  10. Farmers are some of the Biggest employers of illegals, instead of helping them, kick where it counts in penalties and fines for hiring them. My guess is that they never will, follow the money.

  11. farmers were already hurting and have always been hurting, at one time it wasnt logical to farm cows, at one time the price of beef went so low that farming them wasnt feasible. it cost more to feed the cow then what you would get from the beef. At one time farming corn wasnt feasible until the govt instituted ethanol programs for gas. the govt has always helped farmers, because america needs farmers, and with out them our population would decrease significantly.

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