VR Could Help Cure Denmark's Teen Drinking Problem (HBO)

Denmark’s teens have a drinking problem, and rather than change the country’s famously liberal booze policies, the government is turning to YouTube videos and virtual reality games to teach kids to drink responsibly.

Starting at age 16, Danes can buy beer and wine around the clock from any convenience store. According to Peter Dalum, project manager for the Danish Cancer Society’s alcohol campaigns, they’re even allowed to drink in schools. This combination of access and a heavy-drinking social culture made Denmark teens the booziest in Europe, in a recent World Health Organization survey.

Case in point: the infamous “puttefest.” Every year in late summer, thousands of high school students gather in a field outside Copenhagen to celebrate the new school year. For lack of a more polite expression, they get shitfaced. The Red Cross sets up a tent where they perform first aid for the hopelessly inebriated, the police simply watch events unfold, and many of the kids told VICE News that their parents helped them buy drinks and dropped them off.

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20 thoughts on “VR Could Help Cure Denmark's Teen Drinking Problem (HBO)

  1. Omg Denmark doesn’t have a drinking problem l. This is EUROPE we ain’t pussies we drink since 15 years old, we know how to have our little fun.

  2. This is exactly what we would have done back in my day if it were legal.. but we practically did this anyways, regardless of the illegality of it… every weekend there was a kegger out in the woods somewhere. Good times.

  3. As a young teen my family always preferred my friends and I to drink under their roof. Better than a park somewhere hiding away from authority figures. The 1 rule was dont get us in trouble.

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