Behind the Protests in Caracas: Venezuela Rising

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Earlier this year, VICE News headed to Venezuela’s capital of Caracas to cover protests that started in the provinces before engulfing the city. What began as a student movement inspired by the scarcity of basic goods and an exploding crime rate — the UN has classified Venezuela as the world’s murder capital, war zones excluded — had snowballed into mass anti-government riots.

Angry at the perceived shortcomings of President Nicolás Maduro, who replaced the charismatic Hugo Chavez a year before, thousands of mostly middle-class protesters took to the streets, tearing the city apart during pitched battles with Caracas’s brutal semi-militarized police force. Protesters also had to contend with collectivos, quasi-governmental biker gangs accused of spreading insecurity and discontent to keep Venezuela’s population frightened and indoors.

VICE News released six dispatches from the ground and live streamed from Altamira Square, the heart of the city’s unrest. In Venezuela Rising, we explain the story behind the protests, linking up with rioters, government supporters, activists, and victims of Caracas’s intolerable crime wave. In an exclusive interview, we also speak to Henrique Capriles, the leader of the political opposition.

At least 43 people have died since the protests in Caracas began, and thousands more have been injured and arrested. In Venezuela Rising, VICE News finds out why.

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30 thoughts on “Behind the Protests in Caracas: Venezuela Rising

  1. What a bunch of corporate msm bullshit against a popular elected government. 50 million so far with 20 million more promised by the US to retake the country from the people.

  2. America has got 6 bases in Colombia right next door to Venezuela Venezuela has the highest largest reserves of oil in the whole world that's what this is all about never mind the b***** from all these people on here saying things are terrible of the day they might be but that's why that's not why we're getting to know about it why there's so much publicity. What we have here is another example of American imperialism they have deliberately sanctioned and undermined Venezuela to make their own citizens revolt against them then they come in and take the oil

  3. So the US throws a temper tantrum because they wouldn’t privatize their oil so they wage economic war against the country plunging it into misery with the hopes that ppl revolt and overthrow their government so later on it can be replaced by a government that can continue the neoliberal policy. Man VICE what’s up with your misinformation

  4. For those of you that are too dam stupid to want a wall, these people are responsible for the government they have now. It did not just fall from the sky, they voted the socialism in, because they were getting FREE STUFF  just like the lazy bastards here do when the demoncrats hand out freebies. SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK. It has been tried again and again and always ends up in horrendous conditions like Venezuela and a dictatorship. So if you MORONS don't what a wall these people will help you be Venezuela and you will deserve it. Remember them waving their flags on the way here.

  5. You cannot have Socialism and freedom at the same time. In Socialism, the State is everything and anything that does not benefit the state or is deemed bad or threatening to the State will be outlawed. Speech, journalism, education, art, newspapers and all that sort of thing become part of the State. The best you can hope for is a capitalist society with a lot of social programs. Of course taxes would be extremely high. So, if Venezuela has all that oil and they are pumping, where is the money going? Did they completely blow it all on social programs and now businesses can't get what they need? It makes no sense. Why the shortages? This was 2014 and four years later people are fleeing Venezuela in droves just so they can survive.

  6. Many people think these people are crazy. Yet there have been many cults of personality in these types of countries. Stalin in the USSR, the Kim's of the DPRK, Mao Zedong of the PRC and now Chavez of Venezuela. These leaders make themselves onto a pedestal to be equally revered and feared and you always see the young generation fighting against it since they haven't been fully indoctrinated into the ideals of how great their leader is.

  7. Wait they voted for this. No rich people less corporations . Why are they rioting. This is the paradise chaves put into place. They have more bolivar then they did 10 years ago. No more greed just paradise . If they allow the rich people or evil corporations back . The country would have inequality ……

  8. Now, it is July 2018 and it has been four years since this video was released. The situvation in Venezuela is now much worse; and at this rate, nobody will be left in Venezuela by 2020! Socialism at it's best…

  9. Someone needs to assassinate Maduro and take over the country. Accept international and humanitarian aid. Renegotiate the debt owed to other countries and restructuring the economy. Diversify the resources and this country can get out of this economic inflated

  10. Someone needs to assassinate Maduro and take over the country. Accept international and humanitarian aid. Renegotiate the debt owed to other countries and restructuring the economy. Diversify the resources and this country can get out of this economic inflated

    A REVOLUTION BETWEEN THE ELITIST DEMS (Marxists) and the people!

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