Joe Rogan Experience #707 – Michael Dowd

Michael Dowd is a former NYPD officer and current ethics consultant. “The Seven Five” is a critically acclaimed documentary made about his time as an officer, and is available for download at –

44 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #707 – Michael Dowd

  1. Someone should pick this story up and turn it into a movie. Not another doc (as good as it was) but an action/drama sort of like "End of Watch" the story where he found the money in the closet and drove around the block with internal affairs in his car would be cool to watch after they threw a little hollywood magic into it. Or when he had a hit on him and pulled the guys car over to confront him etc.

  2. Worst JRE ever! This Dowd scumbag is a complete psychopath. A real lowlife that destroyed the image of the NYPD.  Do the NYPD a favor Dowd and take a lesson from Brian O'Regan .

  3. Fu*k Dowd, he's a piece of shit that should have been killed or jailed for life at the end when he wanted to whack the drug dealers wife. Thank your lucky stars your plot was spoiled by the DEA, you fu*king douchebag.

  4. This guy is a complete piece of shit. I haven’t listened to this interview yet but watched the documentary and he should either be doing life or have had a bullet in his head a long time ago

  5. As much as his stories are all over the shop…he talks a lot of shit, I was intrigued listening to the first half. But..the second half talking about being in prison and getting out was surprisingly the best bit.

  6. There was a police officer in sydney australia in the 70s 80s he was a simillar type of character his name was roger rogerson was on the take big time he is in jail now for murder or conspiricy to comitt murder

  7. What a piece of shit, a dirty cop and glorifying it? wtf?, I don't buy any of his BS 'I was just part of this time period BS' this guy is the epitome of a narcissistic sociopath, every word that comes out of his mouth sounds like hes modifying his story and just lying as he goes along, he wants a bullet to the back of the head… cunt I would not trust this motherfucker for one second

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