Investigating KKK Murders in the Deep South: Correspondent Confidential

Two young Black men were found dead in a river in Mississippi. The year was 1964, and many suspected the men died at the hands of the KKK. But this was the South in the 60s; the case was never solved. Decades later, filmmaker David Ridgen returned to Mississippi with the brother of one of the victims. What they discovered there cracked open a 40-year-old cold case and changed the course of history.

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48 thoughts on “Investigating KKK Murders in the Deep South: Correspondent Confidential

  1. Vice needs to get rid of these pussies who aren’t trying to do anything. If I was there I’m not taking no for an answer, your respect is gone, you lost all that the day you thought your skin color was better. So you don’t get to “pled the fifth”. I’d kick your fucking door in, throwing cocktails, burning dead animals by your door and everything. You don’t get peace anymore, you wanna be a terrorist then you get terrorized

  2. ”tHis hAppeNed sO lOng aGo, gEt oVER iT” did you forget that there are still racist people out in the world? Did you forget that most of the kkk members could still be alive..DID YOU FORGET THAT ALOT OF THE KU KLUX KLAN KILLED BLACK PEOPLE AND DID SLAVERY?..this world could not get any better 😭

  3. Vice has been tagged with being a war on united whites and blacks this is race baiting and keeping people in fear that is why 2014 is when they pushed the vid. This guy dont have a clue at what he is saying this happened ages ago and it was not kkk it was the skull and bones and freemasonry ppl that is apart of the Democrat founder of kkk I cant even keep trying to show this race baiting anti white to keep us divided and enslaved to a party for a vote is bad this man is emotionally playing on ppl to turn you ti use you all like they have since 20 yrs now which is why you should think when did the race baiting come in on the rebel flag they do this right before every election anx they do not one thing they say every community has turned 3rd world since they been in office I wish this communist channel would get closed for blatantly lying ugh evil people

  4. If this simple brained guy forgave that fuckin' demon for murdering his brother he should be committed. Christianity is like CRACK to our people. It has NO THING to do with the Bible. Esau/Edom has a lot of shit to pay for. #wakeeupJacob

  5. As a Mississippian minority, I can agree on one thing: the South in its entirety is a shit cesspool of rednecks, deep swamps infested with disease ridden mosquitoes, and evangelists throughout the South—especially Mississippi.

    As there's a fuckton of bad within the state—such as "subtle" school segregation being rampant, toxic mindsets, and high pregnancy rates—the slight redeeming quality is that there's beautiful scenery if you're out on the countryside. That's probably it, and I've been here for almost my entire life.

    To those of whom paint Mississippi and the South as a dumb, shitty cesspool of ignorance: you're practically right. I cannot debate against that. Though, Mississippi is the insult to injury with this and modern slavery, added on with being late to enact certain laws that most Southern states have in their constitution.

    The one thing I have to say is this: steer fucking clear of Mississippi—and Alabama, while you're at it. Even if it's for visiting, leave immediately and never look back.

  6. You thugs think you know something but in reality you know nothing you commie socialist thug. It's obviously clear a yank knows one history which isn't history. This third white guy was a communist agitator who recruited blacks to further their agenda. It's known that people on the media who act like they're helping blacks are using them incognito. My father killed eight black men in Texas Arkansas and Louisiana. These were peeping toms, thieves and idiots. He was a Klansman of business.I know where two unmarked graves are right next to a abandoned school and its a secret I will not mention where. Only way I'll show you is when I'm allocating you a plot. YES

  7. They need to put a wall up around all KKK let those inbreds starve to death. Or at least castrate them, rest of the world won’t miss them, such a weak link and it will help thin out the population.

  8. #julyperry vote because ppl literally died fighting for our right to vote. Also dont forget that in the 1920s klan were politicians, cops, lawyers and judges. Not alot has changed. They still cover for one another and give out dbl the sentence they would give a white man over doing what is actually the right thing because they dont value a person of colors life. #thisisamerica

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