Joe Rogan Experience #1173 – Geoffrey Miller

Geoffrey Miller is an evolutionary psychologist, serving as an associate professor of psychology at the University of New Mexico and known for his expertise in sexual selection in human evolution.

23 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1173 – Geoffrey Miller

  1. Joe "Ive Known Several Guys Who Were Closeted Gay Men" Rogaine. How does he even say that with a straight (pun intended) face with that bulbous penis-y looking head we'll never know. He should get a tattoo black slit on the top to complete the look.

  2. Man, I forgot all about this guy. I read his book The Mating Mind when I was at uni. I was a music student who for some reason had a postmodernist critical theory module wedged into my otherwise composition and performance based course. I hated it, and was randomly reading this book at the time. An assignment came up asking us to write about gender roles in music; can't remember the specifics, but I saw Miller's work as a way to back up what I had always suspected; that there are many biologically evolved traits between the sexes that influence our behaviour. My argument was essentially that males generally excessively display, be it in creativity, competitiveness or even violence. My lecturer was a prominent, serially published postmodernist who in her defense gave me the highest score by some distance out of the 100 or so students on the course. This was in 2003 though, long before the culture wars when we could argue a position without drum beating idiots calling you some sort of fascist because you reasonably expect animal behaviour has some role in our society's issues.

  3. Lost all credibility towards the end when he dismissed the result of short term promiscuous behavior (underdeveloped children at risk for antisocial behavior due to absence of one or more parents) as "it's just a way of shaming other mating strategies." Obviously when a man is mating with several women he is not devoting all resources to his offspring, and the children will not be optimally developed. Frustrating because he's supposed to be an expert.

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