Libya's Quiet War: The Tuareg of South Libya

In remote southwest Sahara, the indigenous Tuareg tribe — variously used and discriminated against by former strongman Muammar Qaddafi — fight for their place in a post-revolutionary Libya.

Living deep in Libya’s desert near large oil fields and lucrative smuggling routes, hundreds of miles from Libya’s capital, the Tuareg find themselves impoverished and isolated on this prized land.

Nowhere is this felt more than in the oasis town of Ubari. Here the Tuareg are pitted against former neighbors in a proxy battle for assets and power, backed by government and international interests.

VICE News travels to meet the Tuareg on the front lines of Ubari and the border town of Ghat, to find out what is really happening in this rarely visited land.

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43 thoughts on “Libya's Quiet War: The Tuareg of South Libya

  1. An excellent piece of journalism despite the fact that it did not speak to much about the contributory factors. It's very sad to see enmity created between one of the most united and unified tribes….It's deep.

    Thank you Vice.

  2. Erase. I think the Kurds should get Idlib. No fighting. End the Syria war. I think there should be election in Syria. I think the Houthi should get Aden. No fighting. End the Yemen war. I think there should be election in Yemen.

  3. This document only shows the Tourq which are the smallest tribe in Libya and not Showing the coast sea where new LIBYA IS ! As a Libyan I would only say Libya is an Arab Country none els ,!

  4. The second worst enemy of a revolution are those who think that once the oppressive regime falls, the country becomes an everlasting Utopia overnight. Those people will start saying they miss the old days when the dictator used to provide food and security with no questions asked.

  5. Apparently in some places in Libya they have actual slave markets. In which normally, darker skinned less Berber/Arab influenced West Africans are sold into slavery. I don't know to what extent this occurs and at what propensity, but I've heard from multiple sources that it's been happening there in wake of the U.S. – NATO invasion.

  6. shame on you for this context free
    any excuse for regime change from liberals like vice.
    Report on what Lybia was like before Ghadaffi….and during! Lots better than now!
    how does it feel to spread lies that kill?

  7. they make many children who then kill each other. resourrces are limitted there, have to keep the balance. Or do you want them in Europe, making many childrenß No, you want them to "integrate" and live the same way you do

  8. Islam is tryin to take over the WORLD! And they will do anything to convert or kill u! Scary shit. Any and every opportunity to control any little bit of any country including USA they will take. They are controling Libya, and spreading propaganda in USA. They tried taking usa by force but we were to strong. Now they are all over our politics(mostly left) and lie about how awsome it is to be Islam. Too bad soo many people are stupid and very easly manipulated. Scary business

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