Ex-CIA Officer Speaks Out: The Italian Job

Sabrina De Sousa is one of nearly two-dozen CIA officers who was prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced by Italian courts in absentia in 2009 for the role she allegedly played in the rendition of a radical cleric named Abu Omar. It was the first and only criminal prosecution that has ever taken place related to the CIA’s rendition program, which involved more than 100 suspected terrorists and the assistance of dozens of European countries.

But De Sousa, a dual US and Portuguese citizen, said she had nothing to do with the cleric’s abduction and has been wrongly accused. For the past decade, she has been on a global quest to clear her name. VICE News met up with De Sousa in Lisbon, Portugal–and other key figures connected to the case–for an exclusive interview about the steps she’s now taking in an effort to hold the CIA accountable for one of the most notorious counterterrorism operations in the history of the agency.

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50 thoughts on “Ex-CIA Officer Speaks Out: The Italian Job

  1. So you can see how easy it is to fool a population with these false flag operations. I can imagine what Maduro is worried about when groups are promising trucks with medical aid on board, and they may be a disguised truck full of arms to supply rebels inside Venezuela attempting to overthrow the legitimate government, and replace it with a Fascist government. The CIA barely makes any excuses any more. They like right wing Fascism, period. Democracy not so much, if at all. They were probably heavily influenced by the hundreds of Nazi war criminals that were integrated into the newly formed CIA back in the 1950's with Operation Paper Clip. On top of all that the first CIA chief was a man named Allen Dulles who made no bones about hating Democracy, and he actually was complicit in helping to name Adolph Hitler the Chancellor of Germany in the thirties.

  2. The CIA has never stopped pulling these Red Flag operations. They work. Just like Hitler pulled a Red Flag operation on Poland so he could invade Poland. He had Germans dress as Polish, and they went into Poland, and came back out, and attacked a German radio station killing people who worked there, and they took off secretly crossing the Polish border making sure Germans saw them. Then changing clothes secretly crept back into Germany, and scattered. Hitler then declared war on Poland, and attacked.

  3. Operation Gladio in Italy where the CIA decided to trick Italians into voting for strong men (right wing) rather than anybody left wing. So they used the secret organization of Gladio that existed in many European countries to act as last resorts to a Communist invasion from the Soviets. So the Gladio group planted a terrorist bomb. The August 2, 1980 bombing of the Bologna train station which killed 85 people, is widely recognized as a Gladio operation. While it was initially blamed on the communist “Red Brigades,” eventually, right-wing and fascists elements were discoverd to be the culprits. Two Italian secret service agents and Licio Gelli, the head of the infamous P2 Masonic lodge, were convicted in connection to the bombing. MORE: 1969: “In Italy, the Piazza Fontana massacre in Milan kills 16 and injures and maims 80. Italian counterintelligence, alleges that the massacre had been carried out by the Italian stay-behind army (Gladio), and rightwing terrorists on the orders of the US secret service CIA in order to discredit Italian Communists.” : 1985: “In Belgium, a secret army attacks and shoots shoppers in supermarkets randomly in the Brabant county killing 28 and leaving many wounded. ,Investigations link the terror to a conspiracy among the Belgian stay-behind SDRA8, the Belgian Gendarmerie SDRA6, the Belgian right-wing group WNP and the Pentagon secret service : Similar Gladio-like operations have been discovered across Europe, including France, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Switzerland…I'm convinced that the CIA is an evil organization that should of been dismantled by JFK who stated that he was going to tear the CIA into a thousand pieces. But of course he was murdered. How convenient for the CIA. Spy organization is fine with me as long as it stays an information gathering organization. They go too far murdering innocent people just so the voters in a country will vote right wing—that's insane, and monstrous behavior. Red flag operations seem to be their middle name these days. It's hard to know what is truth any more. Here's a quote from William Casey, CIA Director in 1981 stating: "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false"

  4. IF the US government treats its most secret and highly trained and nurtured employees this badly, just IMAGINE how badly they'll treat US rank-and-file citizens. They'll be torturing us on assembly lines in FEMA camps and gassing tens of thousands of us in order to instill fear and obedience when we get too sick of their corruption and try to rise up. KEEP YOUR GUNS and buy MORE, you're going to need them.

  5. Can we have the names & addresses of the 23 Americans who were convicted of the illegal abduction, please? Interesting DeSousa is a DUAL US/PORTUGESE citizen. We need to BAN all dual passport holders from working for the US Government. ESPECIALLY Israel.

  6. ~
    ~ RAG L.L.C. MUSEUM OF SCIENCE: ~ Mister Roger A. Gertz, Michigan, Thank you, ~ Do you mean, Madam Hillary Diane Rod ~ Ham Clinton, should go to trial, over her treasonous behavior, along with all the democrats, whom cozen, truth, justice, and the America way. Really, do you mean, Mister President Trump's, former personal attorney, Mister Michael Cohen, and Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, and the slime bugs ~ of the, Clinton Crime Foundation ~ Thank you, ~ It is a rubber band war. ~ The Former Madam Hillary Diane Rod ~ Ham Clinton, A Former First Lady Of The United States Of America: The Former First Lady Madam Hillary Diane Rod ~ Ham Clinton, the First of The Former First Ladies, too be tried for treason to: The United States Of America, a gain, thank you, too; Madam Hillary Diane Rod ~ Ham Clinton. Your as dim, as a kitty, if you thought, you could, would, or violate laws of the Republic for which We The People Stand, home of the brave, land the free, wear freedom, will never be free. Again, We The People, Thank You, for Being, as a willing citizen, of your crimes, of treason. ~

  7. Sabrina,darling. You can come and hide at my place anytime.But seriously,Little farm,small village,Thermal spas close by,Internet what more could a girl ask for?
    Passports? you are already here,no passport needed!!Shengen!what a brilliant invention!!

  8. Even if we don’t like it but behind every prevented muslim terror attack, was the CIA who gave us information.
    We would be helpless without american help.
    At least here in Germany.
    And now, after all those terror attacks in Europe, I’m sorry but: Let them arrest every fundamental muslim or ISIS tied person they can get their hands on.
    I just have enough. I have enough of terrorist attacks, of honour killings, of gang rapes, of beaten & hidden women , local schoolkids getting harassed because they don’t do Ramadan. All here in Europe.
    All in the name of peaceful Islam. ?

  9. When terrorists commit their crimes, they never think about the rights of their victims! So why do "justice" and people have to think about the right of terrorists?

  10. I now understand why there are so many terrorists in Europe, because they are more concerned about the rights of terrorists than their own people, and they are slower and cowardly at the moment of doing justice. Terrorists must be finished one by one! It's the only way, and the only ones who have the weapons and the geez are the Americans. Why Europeans want to intervene and slow down justice?

  11. Jokes aside:
    Of course the CIA will dangle you out to dry in a heartbeat! Extraordinary rendition is kidnapping! And torture is illegal! So in the end who wins? No one the terrorist use this diatribe as a means for recruitment. Do United States continues to be more murky every day and not one of the US citizens that I’ve ever met in my lifetime as an American citizen likes or agrees with the CIA’s existence! I think they’re all criminals! They deal tons of drugs on the world stage and are responsible for Afghanistan going from under $1 billion a year to over $12 trillion a year in opium sales! In 1990 and 91 during the Gulf War we were fighting the guys who grow the poppies! The Pashton opium growers! Now we are fighting the Sunni, the ones who never wanted the opium to begin with! They are very right wing conservative Muslims and they for sure don’t want their own people on drugs and using needles under bridges because that goes against everything They stand for

  12. She is not credible. Hedging information. She is still on the streets because she is still undercover. Have to say bold lady, because if she was now out of it, she would be dead. Vice needs to explain how things work.

  13. They pick up a wahabi who they train and equip as cia troops in syria and libya and north iraq and then they fuckin blame the same people in bbc and cnn.hypocritical criminal western agencies along with two faced criminal media who are nothing more than government spokeperson.


  15. If she expects that she can pressure CIA she is very wrong and she knows that. She should have thought about these matters earlier. Now she has to pay the price.

  16. She joined the CIA…1st mistake! You are expendable. You get dirty then they " CLEAN " your clock. She deserves to be executed for not facing her charges and exposing her employers. Its dirty but its real. All the Alphabet boyz are Evil

  17. Never let anyone box you in. Use your hearing to 'see' what is going on around you. I used to read 'Daredevil' and "Spider Man' comics as a kid. Reading about super powers makes you delusional about developing your own. I also grew up in New York City. There is so much going on around us New Yorkers (and city dwellers in general), that it behooves us to pay attention. At any minute a cab can jump a curb, or send a cyclist flying onto the sidewalk. I had a tourist stop me for a question, w. me stuck between a light pole and a phone booth, with fast and turning car traffic behind me. I made the German gentleman wait to finish his question, and then pivoted around him, to get my back away from the traffic. Added to all that, I often walk around with a sharpened pencil in my hand, hidden in a piece of paper, or shopping bag. Anyone who tries to rendition me, or just mug me, will need an eye patch for the rest of their lives. I honestly don't know how Muslim HVTs get scooped up by the Mossad or CIA. PS: I have been followed by cops several times. But I'm too alert and the fuckers kept their distance. Just be alert. Regular bad guys can make a move on you, and people with badges can assume that you're the bad guy. Hello, San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, you racist fuckers.

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