Joe Rogan Experience #1175 – Chris Kresser & Dr. Joel Kahn

Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac is a globally recognized leader in the fields of ancestral health, Paleo nutrition, and functional and integrative medicine. Dr. Joel Kahn is one of the world’s top cardiologists and believes that plant-based nutrition is the most powerful source of preventative medicine on the planet.

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28 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1175 – Chris Kresser & Dr. Joel Kahn

  1. #1 for lifespan is Japan and #2 Switzerland. The Swiss live on meat and dairy. Dr Kahn recommends some alcohol. The longest lived populations in the USA, Mormons and Adventists, do not drink at all. The reality is we do not know definitively all the components of a good diet, but people do live very long eating meat. In my view we are all different and should pay attention to how we feel. When I increased my meat and anmal fat consumption I felt much better.
    All diets of people who are in long lived populations eat vegetables. Eat your veggies people.
    Also research is showing that older people with higher cholesterol die less of all cause mortality. Likewise people over 50 in the overweight, not obese, BMI zone die less of all cause mortality.
    I majored in food science, which is manufacturing. The food manufacturers fund the nutrition studies. The whole industry is nuts and Dr Kahn is 100% right about how terrible hospital food is, all of it based on dietary recommendations of nutritionists.

  2. Chris is whack lol. I'd like to see any practicing physician support Chris' points/research. Also wtf Joe, this podcast was way to technical for you. You need a proper mediator for this discussion

  3. I hate how Joe always goes back to ask Kresser if everything Joel says is true as if he has the ultimate answer. Joel uses epidemiology, it's disregarded. Kresser uses it, it's okay. Joe never questions Kresser as much and just questions every health organization that Joel states instead.

  4. I can't blame Joe haha. The dude hunts animals for fun; It is human nature to get extremely defensive when someone is making valid arguments about the health of veganism! LOL

  5. That German powerlifter became a vegetarian at 25 and vegan after 32. In other words after 25 years of developing on whole foods diet, not the same as vegan all his adult life.

  6. A great way to achieve a better diet is to eat what ever you want for one month; cookies, chocolate and cakes, "so long as you prepare it all yourself" for that month. When one sees the bags of poison and chemicals being poured into every mouthful you will stop eating shite quickly.

  7. Honestly, one of the biggest problems here is that Joe, while he was being fair, is simply not knowledgeable enough to moderate the debate properly.

    Honestly, I think Rhonda Patrick probably would have been a good choice to moderate this debate. She appears to be knowledgeable on nutritional science, while still being accurate and not misrepresenting it.

    She also seems fair. For instance, she isn't vegan, but I've seen her interviewing Rich Roll, who is vegan, and she seemed to treat him and the science fairly in that interview.

  8. It’s so frustrating to listen to Joel completely avoid confronting every piece of evidence Chris offers. He /never/ actually disproves anything Chris says, he just tries to discredit him on the basis of status and misrepresent the conclusions Chris presents.

  9. Joe, There was a lot to listen to in this discussion. But…

    It was way too gladiatorial. I'm sure we all know why. In fact it was a perfect demonstration of the extravert/intravert imbalance. The intraverts have the most to think, but defer to the extraverts, who have the most to say. If I had to spend an evening in the bar with one of them? Kresser.

    The Jordan Peterson/Bret Weinstein meeting was of minds. This was a clash of decibels.

  10. People keep saying Joes bias was obvious… I didn’t get that at all, it seemed obvious to me that joe was BEGGING Kahn to give some type of rebuttal to new research and he just wasn’t getting anything in return

  11. This interview just isn’t right. I enjoy Joe’s interviews but he feels favored towards Chris. Which is fine because Dr. Kahn is rather aggressive in this. Dr. Kahn is very intelligent but not the personality type for this type of debate with someone softer spoken like Chris. I almost feel it was done on purpose to make him look bad. Should have been Dr. Michael Greger or Dr. Ornish. And then Dr Kahn gets his own interview because that is where he would shine, not debate style

  12. Extremely disappointed with Joe on this one. You cannot hav such an extreme biased opinion while being a mediator in this discussion, severely skewing the argument in favor of Chris while Joel continues to present evidence but is becoming emotionally engaged due to the constant cornering from both Joe and Chris’s end. Joe’s biased opinion (derived by his emotionally attached stand point) cannot possibly level up with a discussion driven by facts on both ends of the spectrum. Both arguments are great, And sophisticated, credits to both. Joe is very bothersome here.

    The fact that Joe continuously looks to Chris asking “is that true?” as a response to something Joel presents, perfectly suggests that he refers to Chris’s opinion as a superior view point in this debate. Laughable. Regardless of the exceptional arguments being made on both ends, the platform and construct of the informational debate is just as important, if not, more than the actual details of the data itself.

  13. When you make bad choices about food your inviting chemicals into your body that makes it easier to have mind control over you and make you sicker than the mind control that technology and entertainment already over us ijs

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