Russia's Little Green Men Enter Ukraine: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

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Russia has invaded the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine and taken over its civilian and military infrastructure. Not a shot has been fired so far, but Russia is using its superior force to intimidate Ukrainian troops in an attempt to get them to surrender.

Russia claims it wants to stabilize the situation on the peninsula, which has a large Russian population, but Ukraine’s new government regards the move as an occupation of its sovereign territory.

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43 thoughts on “Russia's Little Green Men Enter Ukraine: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

  1. Reports said now he don't now what US,UK and World power will do to Putin next Step. You don't no that Creamia belongs to the motherland.UK🖕US🖕and all mother fucker Country like Ukraine..👎.

  2. The Ukrainian people had a referendum and voted to become an independent state under Russia. They voted to leave Ukraine for Russia and that allowed Russian troops to be deployed in the area.
    I learned that from a VICE report myself so this just shows how you twist things for attention and political agendas.

  3. God bless Russia, Putin and all russian Soldiers and Civilists
    Putin is one of the last strong Presidents/Leaders remaining on this world and I'm not a bot
    May your Gods be with you, hope we can live in relative Peace one day with a strong friendship between the West and Russia/China just like Germany and France became close friends after many wars

    Greetings from Germany
    God bless Russia

  4. Fucking Russians. And for those who cheer up for them, i wanna see you when they will occupie your homeland. They have taken over pieces of my country twice and I've been there. Absolute pricks that think the whole world is for them. They have the most land in the world and they want more. Kremlin must be bombed

  5. Doesn't this seem eerily like Hitler claiming he had to protect the ethnic germans then proceeded to anschluss Austria, demand the sudetenland, Danzig, Poland, etc?
    Except now, ya know, President Putey Pute has to "stabilize" Crimea.

  6. How does nobody complain when Russia does something but when the USA does anything like little airstrikes they’re warmongers but Russia gets praised for this

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