Lyndon Larouche: The Conspiracy Theorist Who Ran For President 8 Times (HBO)

Larouche never managed to have an impact on American policy but his legacy lives on, in the generation of semi-messianic conspiracy theorists

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39 thoughts on “Lyndon Larouche: The Conspiracy Theorist Who Ran For President 8 Times (HBO)

  1. There is no such thing as conspiracies. They are just parts of facts about events that happened that the whole story has yet to be revealed. Calling these tidbits of information conspiracies throws the sheep off of the scent of the wolves that have prayed on the have-nots for millennia. If Americans would only question the actions of those who have perpetually governed us all so poorly yet made such great gains individually we might realize the utopian possibilities of a nation of the people by the people for the people and restore our constitutional republic before it slips away from us forever.
    Climate change, the green new deal, increased taxation, and lose of sovereignty are the disguises of communism resurfacing amongst us unaware. The call themselves Green, because they are too Yellow to admit that they are really just Red.

  2. Actually, Larouche, and a lot of his associates, produced a good deal of interesting and profound material about economics, science, philosphy, music, etc… Don't expect "Vice" to give you a profound – or honest – reading of the facts. Research larouche's ideas for yourself. I recommend reading also Jonathan Tennenbaum's "physical economy" . It is available on the internet if you search. Read the articles on EIR magazine, and other publications.

  3. Laroche was a smart guy and way ahead of his time. You have to understand his philosophy to understand his ideas, the platonic vs the aristolic. His wild statements don't make any sense if taken on their literal face value.

  4. Getting back to a science driver program. Reinstate Glass Steagall. A moon to mars science driver program. Getting rid of cap and trade and British imperial so called green policy. And building nuclear facilities. Even John McCain before he died wanting to build Nuclear reactors. Do you think that John McCain was a conspiracy theorist? Are you going to spend more time with your Kissy face to the King and Queen of England and their inbreeding and owning almost the entire state of Colorado. The King and Queen of England actually own the Denver airport. Are you aware? Larouche also advocated the immortality of the soul. And how religions many of them deny that. And just say, have blind faith. Type of crap. Blind faith over reason. You need to read Erasmus discourse on Free will before you even think of talking about titan and an advocate for humanity like Lynn.  Vice news aren't you also trying to cover up for the Lois Lerner emails? I guess you believe that the tea party that fought against the British  in 1776 (which was actually the British East India company) were a bunch of conspiracy theorists. Yeah long live the Queen. Long live starvation. The records show that they are depopulating the world. Even Bernie Sanders (a Non larouche person) comments on the sad state of the country and how the United States prison population is sky high and worse than any country in the world. Worse than even third world countries. Yeah Vice News go back to watching Full Metal Jacket and con yourself into believing that that is a history of America.

  5. Dude absolutely was a CULT leader. I went to a few of their meetings in Pasadena during the 2004 election. Those drones tried to encourage me to drop out of college, leave my family, and get roped into their crazy nonesense.

  6. It’s clips like this that we have to remind everyone that Vice is owned by Disney and Rupert Murdock – any info concerning what is truth should be considered propaganda. This isn’t a news company, it’s a media advertising company.

  7. Was he a plant? Being cozy with a scum bucket like Roger Stone certainly lends to being a plant more than a real deal truth seeker.

    What’s sad is that guys like this discredit truly honest truth spreaders like William Cooper “Behold a Pale Horse” and Levoy Finicum “only by blood and suffering”, who were both killed by the government.

    The franchise debt trust does not end at Westminster, they are just admins.

  8. Spending a few roubles, few glasses of vodka during visit, fake initial notoriety could really bolster person and then this one could plant a seed capable of changing mindset of hundreds or even thousands+!

  9. This completely overlooks who he really was, an original truther. He exposed the music industry first and foremost, and its ties to the agenda long before anyone. He showed how todays music is weaponized by the raising a half step the original tone of C440. Only serious music scholars even know that. 90% of what he siad and fought for is true. He also exsposed the County Music industry as completely fabricated as far back as the 1940s.

  10. LaRouche was indeed hard to pin down politically. He was very much a fan of FDR. In the 90s he detested Newt Gingrich and Oliver North. In fact his organization did a lot to expose North when he ran for the Senate and failed. He supported Clinton and railed against the Starr prosecution. I read a lot of the LaRouchepac material back then. And in 2008 he supported Hillary over Obama in the primary. But, it did become very obvious to me that his organization was a cult and the obsession with the Queen was weird. Among other of his theories as outlined in this piece. Learning of the tie to Roger Stone is another element of the LaRouche weirdness. Or cognitive dissonance since LaRouche never allied with any staunch Republican that I am aware. He styled himself as an old labor/New Deal Dem.

  11. If you take a look at the "Trump/Russia collusion" false narrative, did it not start with the Clinton Campaign paying for a fake dossier to be produced by a opposition research firm ran by a MI6 agent by the name of Christopher Steele? Was it not members of the Trump campaign that were set up in sting operations in London? Look up the names Stephan Halper, and Joseph Misfud. British Intelligence. Also just open a history book, Does the British East India Company ring any bells? How about the Boer Wars in South Africa? The City of London also just happens to house some of the largest banks, conglomerates, and cartels that hold virtual monopolies in finance, mining natural resources, and yes even food production. Anyone remember that time about 12 years ago when Lyndon Larouche was invited to speak at the DIalogue of Civilizations in Rhodes Greece? And for being such a rabid spewer of antisemitism, he sure has a lot of Jewish people in his organization. Fact of the matter is his prosecution was very much politically motivated, and he was a threat to a certain Liberal Anglo American Establishment that does in fact exist. I think it was Bill Clinton's mentor himself from Georgetown University, Carroll Quigley who authored what is deemed as an authoritative work on the Cecil Rhodes Round Table, and what is called Millner's Kindergarten. The book is titled "The Anglo American Establishment" some of the naysayers might want to pick it up, and read. Some of the vile things said in the comment sections of the news of his death is worse than anything the man ever said himself, shameful. RIP Lyndon H. Larouche Jr.

  12. waiting for the definitive documentary on this guy, fascinating lunatic fascist with friends all over. Anyone who ever engaged with his street people will remember it, singular experience

  13. These have been and might currently be conspiracies: JFK was killed by US Gov't, CIA pushed crack in order to fund overseas operations, Fast and Furious operation, US installed Augusto Pinochet in office along with the last Shah of Iran, and FDR knew of Pearl Harbor possibly happening and chose to do nothing for obvious reasons. McCarthy accused the us gov't being infiltrated by Soviet spies. It's a conspiracy until it doesn't challenge your perception of reality in the world.

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