Putin Can “Get Away With Murder”, Says One Of The Kremlin’s Alleged Top Targets (HBO)

The U.K. government’s response to the botched poisoning of a defected Russian spy was too weak and will embolden President Putin to carry out further attacks, according to one of the Kremlin’s most influential critics.

Financier and activist Bill Browder spoke to VICE News one year on from the nerve agent attack in Salisbury, England, which killed a member of the public and hospitalized former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

The British government has identified two Russian agents it believes carried out the attack and expelled Russian diplomats. But Browder believes they should have imposed further sanctions as a deterrent.

“The only consequence to Russia using military grade chemicals in Salisbury to assassinate their enemies is 23 diplomats being expelled,” he said. “Effectively, Vladimir Putin has been given a message by the British government — that he can get away with murder.”

Mr. Browder is himself considered a prominent Kremlin target. The hedge-fund-manager, once one of Russia’s biggest foreign investors, was kicked out of the country in 2005.

He lobbied the Magnitsky Act through Congress in the name of his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, who died in jail after uncovering massive tax fraud implicating Russian officials. It sanctions individuals linked with human rights abuses.

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40 thoughts on “Putin Can “Get Away With Murder”, Says One Of The Kremlin’s Alleged Top Targets (HBO)

  1. I’m certainly not a politician or expert but just knowledge obtained from sources and educating myself over the past few years on everything that’s gone on, there’s doubt by people out there that Putin hasn’t and can’t get away with murder? This is shocking to me that someone would think he can’t because clearly he has many times more than we know about which is only a little. It’s just one of many reasons and factors into him being the leader of Russia until he dies. (Kind of like the new version of Hitler but worse) He’s attacking people and other countries, and everyone is turning a cheek to attempt to ignore these things.

  2. The U.S govt is no different, they are just not as transparent and can hide under the patriotic flag and no one will question them. Most people are too trusting of their govt and really don't want to hear or know the corruption surrounding them, because that would only prove how dumb and naïve most people are, and that is far worse than the actual corruption going on in their own minds. Just ignore it and it doesn't exist, like every other problem facing the U.S today.

  3. Oh let me make a short summary of the facts: the Brit went to Russia to make its fortune by exploiting/robbing the Russian wealth and people; they discovered that there was lots of internal theft and exploitation; and this did not please the Brit. A thief accusing other thieves. At least these other thieves have Russian blood and not foreign. This to say that their theft is more justifiable than that of a foreigner. Moral of the story: Brit keep your mouth shut. Your government has for a long time exploited over half of the planet; don't you even think about putting your claws into Russia or any other continental European country for what it matters.

  4. Mr. Browder "honestly" got rich in Russia in the "Holy nineties" years :)),
    "honestly" collaborated with the opposition Director Andrei Nekrasov until he began to ask uncomfortable questions
    (the film "Magnitsky Law. Behind the scenes " honestly banned from showing in the European Parliament).
    honestly receives money "Integrity initiative" ("Institute for government" ).
    From such "honest" person it is pleasant to hear the true truth

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