JRE MMA Show #4 with Justin Wren

Joe Rogan sits down with Justin Wren to discuss recent fights in UFC and Bellator. Donate to Fight For The Forgotten –

25 thoughts on “JRE MMA Show #4 with Justin Wren

  1. There's people in the US without drinking water and not enough food. Let's unfuck America before we do anything about Africa. That's their government's responsibility not ours

  2. Rule No1 in life 'If it tastes like chicken' eat a chicken instead. The only time someone says it tastes like chicken is if its something dodgy or something we really shouldn't eat. Build the wells + chicken farms and you get plenty of eggs too!

  3. beardguy: builds wells in congo
    nerd nazis on internet: wow dude stop virtue signaling

    of course fascists had to invent a term to let people know that they think virtues are bad

  4. In the topic of hurricanes, my wife and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon in February of 2016. There was a hurricane that hit Fiji and we felt the wind from there. About 3 people died while wind surfing on Oahu including a 14 year old kid that died in a helicopter crash at Pearl Harbour. Not sure if the helicopter crash was related, but that was sime scary news to hear while we were on that island.

  5. Listening to this again while working on some spreadsheets and with the result of Miocic vs Ngannou now in the books, I just about fell off my chair laughing at how they're talking about Ngannou as if he's some unstoppable force of nature. Mike Tyson days again? Really Joe? Hilarious.

  6. I don’t know why so many people are so unnecessarily hateful in the comments. They call it an MMA show because it is with an MMA fighter and they talk about MMA. Yes, they also talk about the work Justin does in the Congo, but whenever any other fighter has been on, they also talk about what’s going on in their lives too. I can’t believe so many people are so violently mad that they dared to talk about doing some good in this world. How hateful and selfish do you have to be to bash someone who drills wells for the thirsty just because you feel a video was misnamed. If you didn’t like where the conversation was going, scroll down to the comments, find the one person who links to the part you like, and be on your way. Sticking around and taking the time to express your hate like this is just making normal people lose faith in humanity.

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