Police Can Now Track Bullet Casings Like Fingerprints (HBO)

Last week the Trump administration announced that additional ATF officers were being sent to Chicago to help tackle the city’s gun violence problem. Those agents are making use of a new high-tech tool – a ballistic testing van linked to the ATF’s interstate database “Integration Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) – on loan to the city for the summer. According to Chicago Tribune, there have been 1924 shootings in Chicago this year. Meanwhile, Cincinnati police have been leading the way using the NIBIN tool – linking bullet casings found at multiple crime scenes to one gun, and one criminal. The tool could help keep shooters off the streets. Vice News looked at the challenges in implementing it.

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27 thoughts on “Police Can Now Track Bullet Casings Like Fingerprints (HBO)

  1. All the people in the comments section shitting on NIBIN and the use of cartridge case and ballistic evidence are beyond retarded. Almost every single comment in here is ignorant and uninformed. Those comparing the use of NIBIN to what Maryland tried are misinformed about both approaches. NIBIN is an incredibly effective tool that solves shootings every fucking day. It doesn’t infringe on your rights as a gun owner, and the benefits of the system and the techniques it advances far outweigh the costs associated – costs which are often supplemented by seized assets from criminals that NIBIN often helps identify. Please do us all a favor and keep your uninformed and ill conceived criticisms to yourselves.

  2. If we manage to come up with enough gun laws to reduce gun deaths by 50%, murders with other weapons will increase by 10 times as much. Guns don't kill people, people kill people, and all the gun bans you can imagine ins't going to make it better, they will make it much, much worse.

  3. Not only can you change your firing pin, but you could just use a revolver since revolvers don't eject a shell casing. OR just pick the casings up LOL. Interesting idea though.

  4. Can someone use your bullet casing to frame you ? Ex: u didn’t pick up every bullet casing u fired in the woods n someone comes n takes them and uses them in a murder to mislead the cops n go towards you

  5. Chicago has the gun laws besides the state of California and has the highest ranking gun crimes with illegal guns. In places with lesser gun control there is by fire less gun crime. keep guns in the hands of citizens not criminals. support background checks not bullet limits for magazines or banning certain guns because they look a certain way. No bans just background checks. FYI you still do a background check at the gun show to buy a gun as well.

  6. here's the thing, a gun can be used for a crime, that gun can them be sold to someone else, who can commit anouther crime, and so on and so on, so u may have 1 gun but multiple suspects. the guy who gets caught with that gun could be charged will all associated crimes.

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