Joe Rogan Experience #1105 – Michael Hunter

Michael Hunter is the chef and owner of Antler Kitchen in Toronto.

49 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1105 – Michael Hunter

  1. Veggans won't stop protesting his store till he do what they want. That's exstorsion. illegal. Disrupting a businessess and harasing private Citizens. Illegal.

  2. Every once in a while Joe will have a guest on that isn't as knowledgable as he is. Then he continues to regurgitate all the knowledge he's consumed from all his wikipedia searches and back catalogue of guests.

  3. "I am on team people, I don't know what the f*ck you're saying, so if you're saying we should move out if San Francisco, you can go f*ck yourself" 🤣🤣🤣 Joe just said my thoughts exactly.

  4. Great podcast! There are videos of protestors like this outside slaughterhouses in the uk and walking in in front of tracktors and almost getting flattened! Why they are not outside halal slaughterhouses witch kill animals in barbaric way unlike the quick and fast captive bolt pistol method. All meat lovers, vegans, animal rights should be targeting Halal and the big industrial farms and supermarkets and fast food companys not the small ethical restarants and farms and butchers.

  5. Whats more disturbing is the fact that a butcher, happens to be located literally across the road.
    I’m trying to see the logic in what these misguided, annoying, uneducated protesters were thinking and stating.
    I’m not a meat eater, i am a former radical activist, so i see where they may be coming from to some degree, but their energy and anger is so misguided.
    They really should be putting their veganism power towards large scale mass producing corporations, who have no respect for the animals being slaughtered and whose sole purpose is to mass produce cheap products to the mass at a cheap price, with no nutritional value whatsoever.
    Not all meat eaters, intend on ruining the world, acceptance and understanding, serves more effective, then being a nuisance and attempting to ruin a mans dream.

  6. We as a species have spent between 200.000 and 300.000 years evolving to from simple hunter/gatherer to the modern way of living. Meat has of course played an integral part in helping us evolve in to a mentally superior species. Superior enough to take us out of the food chain. Now vegans want us to all of the sudden forego 300.000 years of evolution in favor of what? Kale and spinach?! No matter how hard you try, you will always be a product of your genetic makeup. And our genetic makeup says that we are omnivorous to the truest sense of the word. 300.000 years surviving on as omnivores cannot be undone with wave of a wand, and a deep desire to not eat animals because of your misplaced sense of what is right. A lion would kill a human being even if they happen to be full and not in need of food. Does that make the lion a MURDERER? Of course not. A lion does what a lion is supposed to do. Same thing goes for humans. We need meat, we eat meat. We need vegetables, we eat vegetables. By all means, if a vegan lifestyles suites you, go for it. Live long and prosper, but DO NOT tell me to change my lifestyle.

  7. I was at his Restaurant last summer (it was my first time to Toronto and my first trip outside of the US) I'm from Buffalo. The night we were there I told my Dad & my Uncle that I was going for a Walk, I walked to the Restaurant from the Hotel I was staying at (Super 8 on Spadina). Took me 35 minutes to get there, when I got there I sat at the Bar and this is what I got: 2 Cocktails (Gimme S'More and The Himalaya's), my Appetizer was half a portion of Braised Rabbit, Pappardelle Pasta, Mustard Greens, Parmagiano-Reggiano and Apricots. My Entrée was Duck 2 Ways (Seared Breast and Duck Confit) with Seasonal Vegetables, Butternut Squash Puree and a Blueberry Jus and to finish off the Meal was with a Cedar infused Shaved Ice topped with a Wild Blueberry Compote. I came here cuz I heard that they talk a Good "Game", I love going to a different place and trying and different and unique Experience, every restaurant offers something different that makes them Stand Out. I'm not Vegan, but I do support Vegetarians (my Cousin Abby is one) and I do eat my Vegetables (such Delectable Dirt Candy). Like Corn, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Mushrooms (etc.) Everyone has their own way of Living and Eating, just got to respect that. !!!

  8. some trophy hunting is good , that lion that was referred to, was a dangers animal that was hurting farm. and a license was purchased to hunt the animal. the money from that license went into the local economy . helping the area that the trophy hunting takes place in .

  9. Midwestern deer are the best, when I was living in Wisconsin I would bag at least two a year. We had a problem though in the past with cwd, and they would just destroy the corn. Now they have a problem with raccoons and all the people I knew that would hunt them aren't anymore because their hides are worthless.

  10. Hunting has been a part of us for thousands of years there's only now with the creation of cities this outcry trust me if you were ever in the woods for months at a time with no other food source you would scream for meat or any other type of food human beings are animals but because we're safe because we're warm because we have electricity we forget that

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